"Switch Hook" Weedless Lure:  U.S. Patent # 5,890,314

BEFORE the fish bites:


AFTER he bites, with Switch Hook in his mouth:

Switch Hook Weedless Lure:

The Switch Hook Weedless Lure is a totally weedless fishing lure. It gets its name from its "switch-blade" type of action. The Switch Hook Weedless Lure can be cast into areas where other lures would become hung on brush and other structures both above and below the water surface. Under these structures is where the "big fish" hide. Another unique feature is that the hook automatically sets when the trigger spring is released, which happens as soon as the fish bites.

The Switch Hook Weedless Lure can be manufactured with any type of body form, including hard bodied lures or soft bodied lures such as frogs, crawfish, etc. The hook design is what makes this lure unique, and it can be encased in any body type.

Setting the Switch Hook Lure is easy:

To set the Switch Hook Weedless Lure, grasp lure with the thumb and index finger of one hand holding the lure by the bill or directly above and below the eyes. Using the thumb and index finger of the free hand, push and squeeze the hooks (carefully, as hooks are sharp) simultaneously until both hooks catch and are latched in place. Once the hooks are properly set, they will be encased in the body of the lure. You are now cocked and ready to cast and catch that lunker bass!

The inventor is looking for a licensee

Inventor:  Kevin Peters, c/o Universal Machine Services, 45 Savannah River Place, North Augusta, SC 29841
Phone: (803) 426-1361 or  (803) 827-0565