Illuminated Car, Truck and SUV Lights: Gobo projector for vehicles:  U.S. PATENT # 6,685,347

Picture your vehicle with an image projected onto the ground beside it, as these photos illustrate:

Illuminate your car, truck or SUV at night in a whole new way with ILLUM a.k.a. Gobo Projector Lights. ILLUM is a subtle, thought-provoking, very cool addition to a vehicle's already existing light system.

ILLUM throws a dramatic image of the vehicle's logo or emblem onto the ground, to both sides, below the rocker panels.

The number of images which can be used are limitless. Logos are projected from the vehicle onto the area where the circles are shown on both sides of the vehicle, as shown here:

Aimed at the new car buyer and automotive enthusiast between the ages of 16 -- 60, ILLUM has potential worldwide appeal. ILLUM mounts on a bracket midway along the chassis frame. 


Demonstration video available upon request.

Inventor:  Glen Grutze
Phone:  (918) 289-9324
E-mail:  [email protected]  or e-mail Glen's patent attorney Scott Zingerman at  [email protected]

March 21, 2005