Update your Stud Finder with the ≥Stud-Marker.≤ Quickly and easily add your center mark to any surface with the push of a button! The ≥Stud-Marker≤ is an inexpensive tool which is added to or built into any existing stud sensor. The ≥Stud-Marker≤ is used to place a chalk center mark on any surface. Now you can eliminate the need for a pencil or pen used to make a center line mark on a surface when you find a stud with just a push of a button! The ≥Stud-Marker≤ is a simple tool that adds a great value to existing stud sensors. The ≥Stud-Marker≤ consists of only four small inexpensive components that work together without the need for any electronics or motors, so it will never wear out. The ≥Stud-Marker≤ eliminates the need for the use of your second hand to apply a center mark to an object, thus making the locating and marking of a position an easier, faster, one handed operation. Make your job easier & faster with the ≥Stud-Marker.≤

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