"CROSS SADDLE" support system for window dressing rods:

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"CROSS SADDLE" support system for window dressing rods:

The CROSS SADDLE is a wall-mounted unit that provides support for all types of standard window dressing rods. The innovative aspect of the invention is that it mounts to the wall by brackets placed along the width of the unit, wherever there are studs inside the wall, and extends horizontally by means of removable sliding extensions. The extensions accommodate singly, or by combination, hardware for drapes, curtains, valances, swags, decorative poles, caf� rods, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, etc.

New home builders could make the unit a selling point as a "drapery-ready" home considering there is usually a time lag between move-in and actually having windows dressed. The extensions can be designed to accommodate not only any currently on-the-market rods, but any new designs not yet on the market.

The simplicity of the CROSS SADDLE's design will enable it to be easily mass-produced at a very affordable price, and the reality of the ever-changing market for window dressings will provide a continually marketable product in reconfiguration of the removable extensions.


(a)    Attachment of the unit to wall studs provides a more secure attachment and increases the capacity for the weight of the window dressings. Many building codes place studs approximately 17 inches apart.

(b)    The necessity for drilling a new configuration of holes in the wall, if the style of the window dressings changes, is eliminated.

(c)    New and innovative d�cor may be added to the exposed end section of the unit's extensions.

(d)    If curtains or drapes are too long or too short, the extensions may be designed to raise or lower the rod an inch or fractional inch by having additional vertical rows for the screws.

(e)    The unit accommodates standard drapery rods, or it may be designed with its own rod system.

(f)    The unit should be produced in varying sizes to most nearly fit common window sizes. Horizontal adjustment of the extensions permits a custom fit.

(g)    Using the unit would be an advantage to apartment building and rental property managers/owners and dwellers alike by allowing dwellers to creatively apply window dressings without making holes in walls.



The CROSS SADDLE, which fits into the viable market of drapery and other window dressings, is perfect for department stores, fabric stores, Wal-mart, Target, K-mart, home builders and remodeling stores, drapery stores, foreign markets and other such outlets.

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