Walking Workout Facility: 

The "Walking Workout" is a large indoor environmentally controlled facility, offering a system of numerous walking pathways with varying degrees of intensity. Walkers will meander throughout the facility and become engulfed in life-size scenic views of mountains, valleys, lakes, cities, deserts, historical times, and just about anything imaginable.

Walkers will experience the sense of being somewhere else at the "Walking Workout." Every wall, ceiling and floor surrounds the walker with displays and projected images that replicate anyplace in the world or beyond! Imagery eliminates boredom and promotes the interest of repeated-walking, therefore supporting the "get-fit" aspiration. Level of difficulty is based on whatever pathway the walker selects. Steps and steep inclines offer the same exciting visual attraction as flat, less strenuous pathways.

12 walker
20 path
44 incline
56 rock climb
58 rope ladder
78 plants
84 desert
86 - cactus
100 passageways
102 elevated paths
104 walls
108 - ceiling

Figure 1 shows several difficult  climbing paths as well as flat paths:

  Figure 2 shows the same room but the paths are altered for less strenuous walks:

  Figure 3 shows the same room but the paths are altered again for all levels of difficulty:

The views and the pathway dynamism are easily changed often, as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 and Figure 3. Rest areas are provided as well as spots where progress (heart rate, calories burned, etc.) can be monitored.

No worries of weather, traffic or crime exist at the "Walking Workout." By eliminating negative air quality (allergens, heat, humidity, pollution and ozone-alerts), "Walking Workout" is available everyday.

Inventor of the innovative "Walking Workout," I am seeking investors who would be interested in this new concept that delivers theme-based fitness centers.

Inventor:  Raul Pino
[email protected]

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