Target Base TM:

  Target Base TM was chosen as an Editor's Pick in a recent issue of Sporting Goods Dealer magazine:

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The picture on the left shows Target Base TM on the first base side, while the picture on the right shows Target Base TM on the third base side:

Target Base TM:

Baseball/softball players suffer frequent foot, ankle, knee, leg, finger and hand injuries.  This uniquely designed Target Base greatly reduces the risk of injury.  The target is a neon orange inside corner of the base which is visible to the runner and fielders.  The rest of the base is made of a special gel which absorbs the impact of slides and remains stationery.  These weather-proof, spike-proof bases are designed to facilitate a safe slide for the novice player, yet enhance the serious players' aggressive slides.  It improves skills and teaches proper base running techniques.  The Target Base is tested and proven.  Brochure and video available upon request. 

The Target Base was featured in Inventors' Digest, the U.S. Slowpitch Softball Association magazine, the Michigan Softball Magazine (August 2000), Softball West's New Product Preview Magazine (April 2001). 


Testimonials from coaches and distributors:

As an athlete who has played competitively for 22 years, as a coach for 7 years and as a mother for 3 years, I am always looking for something to improve the safety of any sport I, my teams, or my child may be participating in. Throughout my 22 years of playing softball, I have seen many people receive a variety of injuries. The majority of these injuries have occurred as a result of interaction with equipment, usually bases. The idea of altering the base to create a safer atmosphere is one that should have been thought of many years ago. The number of injuries that can now be avoided, especially at the younger level, is insurmountable. Target Base simplifies the game for the fielder, the runner and the official. The fielder now has a visible target as a result of the placement of the bright orange section. The runner now has a safer area of the base to step on or slide into. Even the official benefits. They now have a clearer view of a play afforded to them.

As you can see, I am definitely a supporter of instituting the usage of the Target Base as well as any other device that improves the safety of a sport.


Catherine A. West
Middle School Educator/Coach
Kelly Middle School
Eastpointe, MI 48021

The Target Base is a very good idea. If all the information I read is true, it can be used as a "Safety Base" as well as a training tool. The Target Base can help teach how to correctly run bases. It is much easier to see from the outfield. I can see where it could be advantageous in helping the umpires.

If everything pans out the way Mr. West thinks it should, we at the Batters Box would be interested in becoming a local distributor of the Target Base.


Jerry Cardani
The Batters Box, Inc.
Roseville MI 48066

As a certified athletic trainer, I have seen numerous injuries on the ball diamond that may have been prevented. Injuries from jammed fingers and wrist sprains to knee sprains and avulsion fractures. With the idea of the Target Base, I feel that the number of injuries due to base running and sliding will be reduced.

Being an avid softball player myself, as well as a volunteer trainer for youth softball camps, I feel that anything that can increase the safety of our young stars should definitely be given a chance.

Unfortunately, as in any type of athletic competition, injuries are prominent. However, I do believe that the severity and number of these injuries will be curtailed.


Sarah Hendry
Eastpointe, MI 48021

Target Base fits all posts in existence through its re-modified plastic support on the bottom of the base. This support keeps the base from moving. Video tape and free Target Base T-shirt available to serious inquiries.

Inventor:  Frank West, 23041 Melrose Ave., Eastpointe, MI 48021
Phone:  (586) 322-3876 or (586) 778-2648

since January 8, 2001

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