Tolanizer SuperProPlus Muscle Toner & Exerciser:   Patent No. 7,175,575

New to the fitness industry comes an extreme muscle machine designed and built for the fitness professional and serious fitness enthusiast. Built for the individual who has accomplished their goals but wants to continue maintaining their peak level of physical condition in the least amount of time. It has no heavy weight plates or straps to change. There are no cables, plastics, ropes, or rubber bands that could break. It is precision-made from hardened steel, maintenance free, and comes fully assembled with a life time guarantee. It can be used as a training aid for sports, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. It has mass appeal due to its innovative features, curious to the eye design, and its ability to physically, and mentally challenge the user. The SUPERPROPLUS is definitely not for the wimp! With its powerful sliding handles and a maximum spring resistance in excess of 100 pounds (poundage determined by market placement) it will make even the strongest feel humble. The SUPERPROPLUS measures 48 inches long, 2 and 3/4 inches in diameter, and weighs only 9 pounds. Use it several minutes once or twice a week for a continued stronger, more powerful and healthier you. Pound for pound, the SUPERPROPLUS is an "Upper Body Knockout!"  

Weight 20 is threaded so that auxiliary weights 22 and 24 (sometimes referred to as assist weights) can be attached to it. This variable weight capability gives the SUPERPROPLUS greater versatility without requiring partial disassembly to change weights. The additional mass of the auxiliary weights gives greater momentum to weight 20 when the SUPERPROPLUS is moved back and forth longitudinally. This greater momentum allows a user with lesser strength to do exercises with the same apparatus unit as a user with greater strength without need to changing the springs.

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