Delta Plow foldable snow plow, mounted on a rear trailer hitch, is available for sale or license: (patent pending)

The adjustable-width Delta configuration allows the Delta Plow to clear a higher volume of snow with less power and traction than is required to clear snow with a  forward-mounted or rear-mounted straight blade plow." 

The working prototype has proven that the Delta Plow foldable snow plow works VERY well:

This wooden prototype was successfully tested in 32 inches of snow during "Snowmageddon" in 2009. The inventor attached it  with a chain to his Hummer H2 to partially clear a 230-foot driveway, allowing his wife's car to navigate the driveway. The additional downforce provided by the spring-loaded mount allows for complete clearing.

Traditional snow plows are front-mounted and require expensive, permanent hardware to be mounted on the vehicle. Many vehicles cannot mount traditional snow plows because mounting hardware is not available for all vehicles.

The Delta Plow can mount on any vehicle with a trailer hitch and allows any four-wheel drive vehicle owner to plow. Unlike traditional front-mounted plows, the Delta Plow is easily installed by one person, then folded away for easy storage. Click here to see the powerpoint

Foldable, lightweight aluminum snowplow weighs less than 75 pounds and attaches to the standard trailer hitch and allows a property owner to clear snow and ice from a paved surface using any vehicle, 4WD specifically. The Delta Plow can be installed by one person and eliminates the need for professional installation of a front bolt on, vehicle-specific plow and adaptor system. Production cost will be approximately $75 - $150. Approximate retail: $500, allowing for healthy profit margins.

Sliding lateral support adjusts width of blade deployment:

Shock absorber:

A hand crank (possible motorized operation) adjusts the deployment of the blade:



Here's a close-up view of the parts:  

Hand crank may be substituted with a 12V motor with remote activation to raise and lower blade assembly

The Delta Plow foldable snow plow is available for sale or license

Inventor:  Clifford E. Pulliam, 
Pulliam International Trading Company, LLC
1138 West Central Ave.
Davidsonville, MD 21035
Phone  (202) 494-7947
  [email protected]