Ball Slide™  Ball Mount for trucks
Ball Bank™  Ball Mount for trucks

Ball Mount Video Demonstration
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Reliable and Secure Solution for Ball Mount Storage.

Now Available for License...

The Problem: Currently ball mounts are stored in a locked position in the hitch, undesirable for longer trucks trying to fit into small places, like the garage. They are also noticeably in the way and tripped over regularly. The alternative is to remove the ball mount when it is not in use and store it at home or in the vehicle somewhere. Neither are convenient. It seems when it is stored at home you always need it when you are out….and when it is stored in the vehicle, it slides around as a constant reminder that it has no home at all! At present there is NOTHING on the market to solve this problem.

The Solution: The Ball Bank™ and Ball Slide™ are patent pending and simple alternatives! A unique point of these two devices are that they mount utilizing the open end of the receiver hitch with an anchoring system. This allows for easy installation and security. There is no need to modify, drill or weld anything to mount these storage units for constant use with your ball mount.

The Ball Bank™ and Ball Slide™ provide a safe, convenient, and easy to install anti theft storage device for any size ball mount on any make or model truck using a receiver hitch.

Ball Mount Storage Units Features & Benefits:

Given the choice, wouldn’t everyone with a ball mount and hitch choose to add one of these great looking products to their vehicle?

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Now Available for License ...

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Simply pull out slide, unlock and lift arm and remove ball mount.

Conveniently slides back to hide under truck when not in use.






*  The Pressure Wedge inserts into the end of any hitch!







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