Basement Security Window: U.S. Patent #: 6,167,656

Both of these are pre-existing models, with the first one shown as installed, and the second one shown with the Polycarbonate removed for access and ventilation:
Window Mounted Closed.JPG (14616 bytes)     Window Mounted Open.JPG (13265 bytes)

New construction or total replacement:                          For pre-existing basement windows:
    wpe8F.gif (109903 bytes)

Basement Security Window:

Many home intrusions occur through the basement window. The basement window's location provides a low profile of visibility for an intruder.

The Basement Security Window is an alternative to glass block windows or the use of steel bars. It is constructed of a polycarbonate panel encased in a solid wood frame and secured by three hinged, locking steel clamps. Handles are mounted on the polycarbonate panel for easy removal and replacement. The frame is machined with several grooves for the panel to rest in. The polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable.

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Co-Inventors are Tony Devlin and Mark J. DiNoto, 45 Barclay Court, Rochester, NY 14612
Phone:  (716) 227-1471

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