Hot Water Circulating System available for license:  U.S. Patent # 5,829,467

The patented Hot Water Circulating System causes instant hot water when a person enters a bath or shower room and stops 5 minutes after the person leaves the room. Each section is easily installed. 

The actual size of the Hot Water Circulating System = 18" x 6" x 8"

These types of consumers / companies will benefit:

Consumers benefit in 3 ways:

These types of companies benefit:

  • Electric utilities:  Consumers won't need a water heater to supply instant hot water at each faucet.
  • Gas utilities:  Consumers can have instant hot water at each hot water faucet without having to have heating element at each faucet.
  • Water bill:  Consumers use less water (as much as 1 gallon per usage less). Since sewage rates are based on water consumption, savings can be doubled.


  • Architects:  Architects can design a home with more appropriate locations of the water heater with equal or better efficiency in performance, with very little, if any, extra cost for the extra faucet to be installed.
  • Home builders:  Builders can include the installation of the hot water faucet (needed to run appliances) into the plumbing system. The same as a faucet is needed for the washing machine connection. 
  • Realty companies:  It is easier to close the sale when the preliminaries for use of the appliance is already installed in the home. 
  • Municipalities:  Save millions of gallons per town!

Parts include (can be sold separately if you already have a Hot Water Circulating System) ...
Hand-held 12-volt transmitter; a receiver to plug into; a receiver / transmitter with the antenna in the other room (plugged into a house receptacle); receives signal from # 4 and relays to # 2 by air and with a 9-volt battery by wire backup a 9-volt DC 8-channel; a MHTS wireless transmitter, motion, light, temperature and sound; a pump, wiring harness that plugs into a house receptacle.

Numbered parts:

2 -- DE detector and transmitter
3 -- Receiver / transmitter
4 -- Hand-held wireless remote control
5 -- Plug-in voltage adapter (low volts in; line volts out)

Suggestion for homeowners, buyers, builders and remodelers of new or older homes:  Have a drain installed at the very end of the hot water service line close to the water heater. This can be useful at the present time for draining or winterizing and it can be modified to a circulating system in the future. The initial cost is minimal and the benefits can be huge.  

The Hot Water Circulating System can be marketed as a whole, or the parts can be sold separately.

The inventor is seeking a company to manufacture and distribute the Hot Water Circulating System at wholesale or retail or on the Internet.

The inventor is looking for a licensee

Inventor:  Vince Spicher
Phone:  (804) 733-7615
E-mail:  [email protected]