"Intelligent Line Disconnect®" Lightning Protection for Electronic & Electrical Equipment: U.S. Patent # 5,923,516 and U.S. Patent # 5,721,659 

lighting protection for home, office or industry

What is an Intelligent Line Disconnect ® ?

The ILD is an active and automatic Equipment Protection System that has the same effect as when you PULL THE AC PLUG from the wall outlet, DISCONNECT COAX and/or PHONE LINES from your electronic equipment when it is not in use and turned off. This means that not only are your 1/0 lines disconnected from the external wiring, but they are also connected and shunted together and to a common ground. With conventional surge suppressors, your equipment remains connected to the power source, coax, and telephone lines even when your equipment is turned off or not in use.

The ILD provides absolute security from hackers or unauthorized users when your computer is not in use. Your private and valuable information is totally disconnected and isolated from intruders, hackers, etc.

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Intelligent Line Disconnect® Model ILD-IR:

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Total Protection For All Home Entertainment Equipment:

The Model ILD-IR provides protection to home entertainment equipment by automatically disconnecting equipment from AC Power, Antenna/Coax Cable and Telephone Line connections and grounding those inputs when equipment is not in use. All connections are automatically restored when equipment is turned on for use.

Total Protection For all Stereo System Equipment:

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lightning protection for home, office and industry

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