The Tag Bumper for Cars:  Patented

NOTE:  The inventor is a claims adjuster for an auto insurance company,
so the figures here are both accurate and realistic.

This ...

... solves the problem caused by low-impact bumps ...

On this 2002 Honda, it cost $271 to repair this damage coupled with 3 days of borrowing a rental car at $25 per day. The insurance company paid $346 to the claimant.  Now, imagine this minor damage happening in a major metro area. When the inventor worked in the Washington, DC area, he would see approximately 5 of these types of collisions per week. There were 46 other insurance adjusters who worked in the same area with him, so 46 x 5 = 230 minor collisions per week x 52 weeks = 11,960 hits at $350 per collision = $4,138,160 in potential property damage loss for low impact hits. This is only one major insurance company's tab, and it does not include bodily injury claims. It also does not take into account high-end cars like Mercedes, Jaguars or BMW's. Who makes up for this loss??? The auto policy holder (you and me) pays for it. 

Here's how the Tag Bumper for Cars looks when properly installed on a car's license plates ...

Markets for the Tag Bumper for Cars: 

  • Consumers
  • Auto dealers
  • Aftermarket auto parts retailers
  • Insurance companies
  • Fleet operators
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • International markets


Benefits of the Tag Bumper for Cars: 

1.    The Tag Bumper for Cars prevents and/or minimizes damage to rear bumper covers. The design of the Tag Bumper is to eliminate all sharp edges within the front tag bracket assembly. It is expected to prevent increased auto insurance premiums associated with low-impact auto accidents. 

2.     The Tag Bumper for Cars prevents and/or minimizes low-impact bodily injury claims. It also prevents and/or minimizes low-impact pedestrian injuries. Some state auto insurance policies allow bodily injury claims to be filed if a passenger insures himself while entering or exiting an insured's vehicle. A passenger can injure himself while walking around the front of a vehicle where they have made contact with the protruding steel fasteners that connect the license plate to the front tag bracket or front bumper cover. Vehicle owners and passengers can also damage their clothes or other personal items. 

3.    The Tag Bumper for Cars is likely to result in decreased premiums for at-fault auto insurance policy holders AND for others who live in the same community because underwriting decisions are based on the number of claims in the area. An increase in the number of accidents results in an increase in risk, which results in an increase in auto premiums (whether you are a good driver or not). 

4.    The Tag Bumper for Cars can prevent lot or transportation damage at auto dealerships, shipping docks and repair facilities. For example, if a rear fascia is damaged by the type of fasteners that are currently in use, then the customer will want to have it repaired before taking possession of the vehicle. This decreases the dealer's bottom line profits and sales production. 

5.    The Tag Bumper for Cars reduces the number of parallel parking miscalculations, valet parking culpability and decrease uninsured motorist claims in applicable states. 

Other info: 

The Tag Bumper design can be used in congruence with current O.E.M. tag brackets and state license plates. The Tag Bumper can be used with a clear, acrylic tag cover and fastened to the tag bracket or front bumper cover using either nylon, non-corrosive truss head bolts (installed with a Phillips head screw driver) or anti-theft, recessed, nylon hex fasteners (installed with a hex wrench). The Tag Bumper is made out of low-cost, resilient neoprene rubber. Neoprene rubber can be color-dyed to match a vehicle's exterior refinish. The Tag Bumper can also be uses as a billiting frame showing a dealership's logo and phone number. It is an easy one-piece design where the front license tag can be securely inserted into the frame and then fastened to the front tag bracket or front bumper fascia (bumper cover). 

Manufacturing data for the Tag Bumper for Cars:

Estimated Cost to Produce:              $2.50 per unit
Estimated Retail Cost:                       $9.95 -- $14.95 per unit
Estimated Cost of Injection Mold:     $10,000

The inventor is looking for a licensee

The inventor will donate 10% of the proceeds from a successful licensing agreement or outright purchase to pancreatic cancer research. 

Inventor:  Glenn Blackburn, Jr.
Phone:  (804) 714-4720
[email protected]

since August 30, 2005

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