Top Master Device for opening jars, loosening oil filters, etc:

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The Top Master Device:

Personal experience and studies have demonstrated that many vacuum-packed jars are packaged too tightly for many adult customers to easily open them without using some external force to help loosen the lid.

This can be not only inefficient and frustrating -- but also dangerous -- resulting in broken glass or even injury to your hand, wrist or arm.

The Top Master eliminates this problem and helps the average consumer.

Summary of the Invention:

The Top Master was invented to provide the household and commercial kitchen with a solution to the problem of opening tight lids on jars. The Top Master is designed as a small electrical appliance that quickly and effortlessly loosens any tight lid on any jar or bottle.

Users will enjoy the ease with which The Top Master removes the closure lids on foods and liquids packaged in jars or bottles, such as: mayonnaise, prune juice, apple juice, sauces, condiments, beverages and the like.

Also, the unique design of the Top Master enables it to loosen and tighten oil filters used in automobiles.

The Top Master is designed to meet the needs of those users with average manual strength in their hands, as well as those who have difficulty opening jars or bottles due to arthritis and other conditions that affect normal hand, arm and wrist strength.

The Top Master is designed as a small electrical appliance that contains and electrical ratchet handle. The ratchet handle is attached to a series of collapsible rings in graduated sizes that securely grip the lid of a bottle/jar/oil filter and twist it in either a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. The substantial torque action on the lid/jar/oil filter releases the vacuum seal in a quick and efficient manner. The Top Master can be manufactured as a cordless appliance with a recharging stand or with an AC electrical cord that can be plugged into any standard wall outlet. The Top Master can be manufactured in a variety of colors using durable and lightweight plastics.

The inventor has more than 30 useful and practical inventions in various stages of development and is interested in speaking with prospective manufacturers.

Inventor:  Ramses Khan, 3049  6th Street South; Lot 147, St. Petersburg, FL 33705
Phone:  (727) 895-8749
[email protected]

All inquiries will receive a response.

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