The Lawn Chair Buddy

"The Lawn Chair Buddy" is an attachment for lawn chairs.  Its features are:

  1. An adjustable table with a cup holder. This is ideal for eating, drinking, reading, writing, drawing, playing card games, etc., whether you are at the beach, sitting around the campfire, or in your own backyard;
  2. A stabilizer, or chair shoe, (because most lawn chairs have rounded corners), to help prevent tip-overs and add stability, especially on sand or uneven ground; and
  3. An accessory holder for an umbrella, flag, fishing pole, flashlight for reading at night, etc.

The table swings to the side for easy access to the chair, or you can move it to any other position you desire. Its snap-on features make it easy to assemble and easy to store when not in use. The "Lawn Chair Buddy" is the ultimate convenience for anyone who uses outdoor folding chairs. The "Lawn Chair Buddy" is so easy to use that everyone, young or old, will be able to use it, and it can be used anywhere. We had a professional market evaluation done with very positive results. Recently, we gave the " Lawn Chair Buddy" to our friends and families to try it out. The response was, "GREAT! No more wobbly chairs! No more food balanced on your knees!" Everyone loved it! So, if you are tired of sitting on unstable lawn chairs, or frustrated with the balancing act while trying to eat, you need the " Lawn Chair Buddy". You'll wonder how you ever got along without it. 

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Inventor:  Dwight Wroe
Phone:  (530) 527-7461
[email protected]