Football-shaped Extension Cord Clamp is a new product available for license:

The Cord Clamp provides a more secure connection between an extension cord and a power cord. It prevents the extension cord from coming detached from the power cord. There are three different versions available: Standard size, industrial size and a repair version. 

The interior of the Cord Clamp is lined with foam rubber to increase its grip. The Cord Clamp separates into two pieces with a hinge. When closed, the two halves lock firmly into place with a snap-in lock clip. There is enough room for an extension cord or power cord to pass through either end of the Cord Clamp. A crimping device holds the cord in place. 

Its major components are plastic and foam, and the production costs are very low as as result. Sizes range from 6" x 2.25" to 4.5" x 2" to 1" x 2".


The inventor is looking for a licensee

Inventor:  Jerry Amaral
Phone:  (209) 595-5024
[email protected]