"KegTainer TM" Cooling Container for Kegs: U.S. Patent # 6,612,742; numerous patents pending

KegTainer TM -- The smarter way to keep KEG BEER COLD


KegTainer TM is a tough, light weight, insulated, collapsible, nylon bag into which you place a COLD KEG of BEER. Simply gather drawstring around tap for cold beer all day long. KegTainer TM is designed to keep a cold keg of beer cold for up to eight hours. (longer than most parties last) without ice. That's right, NO ICE! (KegTainer TM was tested in 90 degree temperatures) KegTainer TM is designed to carry the weight of a full keg of beer (Approx. 168 lbs.) making transportation of keg from one location to another possible.

KegTainer TM is collapsible and light in weight. (Approx. 5 lbs. 8 oz.)

KegTainer TM is logo friendly and available in a variety of colors, color combinations and camouflage. KegTainer TM is available in both half barrel and quarter barrel sizes.

KegTainer TM is designed with a sleeve (for customer convenience) capable of holding 50 16oz. plastic cups.

Great for picnics on the beach, house, office, tailgate, fraternity, sorority parties, golf outings and reunions.

Ideal for summer softball teams, promoting keg beer or your business.

KegTainer TM  -- The smarter way to keep KEG BEER COLD

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"THANKS, It works beautifully, in fact, one of my friends will probably wanna order one, waiting for the pictures to develop and I WILL  send you them when I get 'em ... again, thank you, and Mahalo (means appreciate it i.e. thank you in Hawaiian) and Aloha!" -- Kevin Mortensen

"This looks like the best invention ever. I'm going on a 2-day canoe trip. How long does it keep the beer cold? Can I get one overnight?" -- John Casill

"It was great and arrived in time. Thanks so much." -- Suzanne Yoh

Yes, I did receive the KegTainer TM on Thursday. Thanks very much. It worked GREAT!! It was also a hit of the party -- conversation wise. Wonderment at first, then this is cool! Gave your email address to a lot of friends that were interested in purchasing one." -- Robyn 

"Also, we used your product for the first time last night at one of  or events. It performed just as promised. We were very impressed. We have resolved over the next few months to purchase about ten more. Thanks again for the good business, you will hear from me soon." -- Brian Willey

"On my list of things to do this week was to send you an email applauding you for such a great product. I ordered the KegTainers TM on Friday and they were at my house that Monday. As great as that was, the product was even better. First, it simply makes carrying the kegs easier (nylon straps as opposed to metal handles). Second, we had one keg stored outside from approx. 3 PM until 12 noon the next day. It was brutally hot the entire day of the party, yet when we tasted the remnants of beer the next morning, it was still cold enough to drink! It wasn't ice cold, but considering we were approaching 24 hours with zero ice around the keg, it was astonishing. Everyone loved the KegTainer TM. Guests want to borrow them for their parties. It was like a bad commercial or something. I could not be happier with either the customer service nor the product that you have provided me. The KegTainer TM is definitely something that I will strongly recommend to anyone I know that will be having a party." -- Kent Burrice

Production costs:   Approx. $13.65 per bag on orders of 5000 or more
Suggested retail:    $49.95
Bag dimensions:    Half barrel: 29" tall X 62" circumference
Quarter barrel:      18" tall X 52" circumference
Bag weight:           Half barrel: 5 lbs. 8 oz.
Quarter barrel:      4 lbs. 8 oz.

KegTainer TM can also be manufactured with a tough, clear vinyl, seamless liner, for those customers who choose to use ice, giving KegTainer TMeven more utility.

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