“Universal Vehicle Window Vent” (UVWV)

  Say “Goodbye” to cigarette smoke, odors, excessive air flow & noise, rain and weather, lower gas mileage -- the
  solution is a just-patented
Universal Vehicle Window Vent (UVWV).

Vent opening:


 This video show how the Universal Vehicle Window Vent looks when used in the following vehicles:


Ford F-150:




 Suzuki SX4:

Dodge Durango:

1960's Mustang wing vent:

  • Fits most full size trucks and most SUV’s

  • Easy in and out of window in seconds

  • No fasteners needed

  • Can be trimmed with scissors

  • Available in clear and smoke black

  • Good for trips

  • Automobile model coming soon!  

Manufactured in Athens, Alabama with 100% USA material

    Only $35 each

Email [email protected] or call (256)-874-8242 to order

Universal Vehicle Window Vent:

Years ago automakers eliminated the window vent for most vehicles to 
save money. But, a simple and inexpensive way, ($35.00 retail plus
shipping,) to bring it back for use in most vehicles is now available.
The "Universal Vehicle Window Vent" or "UVWV" is a US patented
(8,147,300) product that could revolutionize how many people live their
lives everyday.

This product is not the “rain deflector” currently on the market
today-this is a one-piece UV protective urethane window insert. It fits
inside the window’s upper and rear frame and the window fits inside of
the lower legs of the product to seal the window opening from the
weather. The only opening is the front part you remove to create a
vacuum air vent for the passengers in the vehicle. The product can be
trimmed with scissors to ensure a proper fit and size opening desired
by the consumer. No fasteners, clips, tape, or glue is needed. No more
fully open windows, letting rain in or heat or cool air out, to get air
circulation in your vehicle. It takes just seconds to install this
product in your window and you create a window vent for your vehicle. 
Air transfer can be set to a more comfortable flow for all passengers
riding in the front or back seats. Odors and cigarette smoke can be
exchanged with the outside air. Your dog can safely get fresh air
without putting their head fully out of the vehicle. It reduces noise
in the interior of the vehicle and reduces the drag that the
manufactured opening allows.

Currently, vehicles come mainly with two styles of windows. The
crescent and boomerang. Automobile makers have designed most vehicles,
in the same class, to have almost the same window lines. Thus, most of
the vehicles on the market today can be made to accept one of the three
main shaped molds required. The crescent is either a tall (full size
trucks and SUVs) or short-for auto’s. The boomerang is for the Ford
Ranger, Jeep, etc. straight type windows.

I have enclosed a tall crescent (self-made prototype) that you can try
on different full size trucks SUVs and autos. I think you will find
this product is generally universal to Ford, Dodge, Toyota and most GM
full size trucks. The GM brand has the most different style of all.
However the production run product can be made with a shorter body
(upper part) and longer legs (lower parts) to accommodate the
differences. My research indicates the best method of mass production
would be reaction injection molding (RIM).

Also, as far as the automobile short crescent the manufactures have
basically followed the same shape in most of the most popular selling
autos. A small percentage of auto’s have a window that is more closely
aligned with the tall crescent of the truck model.

The reason I make these notes is because the more universal a mold is
made the more it will fit many vehicles and the less manufacturing and
capital investment will be needed in the start-up and production. One
big reason I pursued this “universal fit” avenue is the rain deflector
vent product (acrylic) and its need to be molded in the shape of each
vehicle body it must fit. My product is different in the fact that it
can have a more universal fit depending on how the production mold is
made. Additionally, the product is a flexible UV urethane (unlike the
acrylic) so it will bend and flatten somewhat to accommodate the
different radius of most manufacturers windows.

You will notice the large perforations in the top of the prototype. My
patent indicates that perforations will be included to assist the
consumer with the different makes and models as to where they need to
trim away material for a proper fit. They can be made to a much smaller
size as the pressure of RIM is only about 50psi. These large
perforations were made with injection molding in mind as the primary
production method with the pressure being many tons.

If you are interested and would like to consider a licensing agreement
for this new product or would like to stock this product in your
store(s), please contact:
Michael D. Lunghofer,
Athens, Alabama 35611
Cell (256) 874-8242  
[email protected]

since November 24, 2012