Collator for Sports Cards and Collectible Cards available for license:  U.S. Patent #: 5,706,954

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The Card Collator provides the card collector or card dealer with an easy and inexpensive means of sorting and collating large numbers of collectible cards such as sports cards (baseball, football, basketball, etc.). The Card Collator can in fact sort any type of numbered card; it is not restricted to just sports cards. Besides the fact that this invention can sort various types of cards, it is also very versatile. The Card Collator can be used on a bed, a floor, a table, etc., and it fits on a standard cardboard storage box, which allows the device to be removed to perform another collating task while the cards remain in the box for storage or transportation.

Currently, many card collectors and sellers do not have a reusable means to sort and collate cards in their collections. Various sorting and collating devices have been disclosed over the years. Currently, however, there is no inexpensive, simple and re-usable device for sorting large numbers of collectible cards into numerical order to form a particular series or set when using a standard cardboard storage box used by many collectors and resellers. The inventor is a card collector and knows first-hand the advantages for purchasers of collectible cards to have a device that would enable them to efficiently sort and collate their cards. The Card Collator does just that.

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