The Vinyl Edger Handheld Cutter is a new invention available for wholesale or retail:

Introducing the Vinyl Edger, an innovative new cutting tool that simplifies vinyl flooring jobs:

The Vinyl Edger, with its retractable blade, is made of rigid plastic with easy to grip ergonomic handles. A compact design allows the Vinyl Edger to fit under toe-kicks and into tight spaces.

The Vinyl Edger’s low cost, durability and the use of off-the-shelf hook blades makes it ideal for anyone, from the home owner to the professional vinyl installer.

The Vinyl Edger is designed for use with two blades for cutting either left or right.

Markets for the Vinyl Edger:

  • Contractors
  • Do-It-Yourself market
  • Hardware stores


  • $5.99 wholesale
  • $19.99 retail

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Here's the head-on angle ...

and here it is at a side angle:

The inventor is looking for retail outlets to sell to.

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Inventor:  Greg Edwards
Phone:  (217) 242-5266
[email protected]

since June 11, 2010