Pre-Electric Shaving Formula:

For the millions of men who shave with electric razors each day, there are 2 common problems:

1.    The screen doesn't last as long as it should and, as a result, you have to replace the screen more often than you had expected.

2.    When the screen wears through, it can leave your face with nicks and cuts, with the result being very messy and even bloody in some cases.

The Pre-Electric Shaving Formula solves the first problem, and reduces the likelihood of the second problem from occurring. It does this by conditioning the blades and cutters with its lubricating ingredients.

Here's the Proof:

Judging by the results that the inventor has had with the Pre-Electric Shaving Formula, the blades and cutters are likely to outlast the razor.  The blades and cutters on his current razor have lasted more than 2 years -- and counting.  The Pre-Electric Shaving Formula is applied to the blades and cutters in the form of a roll-on applicator.

The inventor currently has trade secret status on the formula, and will apply for a patent when necessary.

Inventor:  Mr. S.L. Anderson, P.O. Box 698, Bridgeport, TX 76426
Phone:  (940) 683-4001

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