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If you spend a lot of time in hotels and motels, you are no doubt aware that many of them have no health spa facilities. Those that do may keep certain hours. What if you are a night person? Maybe you simply enjoy working out in the privacy and comfort of your own room. If so, then you may have to settle for doing pushups and deep knee bends in your room. Makes for a very boring and inefficient workout!

The Suitcase Gym claims to have the smallest and the only total major muscle group, portable universal travel gym ever made; on the market since June of 2000. Suitcase Gym welcomes any disputes to this claim. Any takers? (See photos).

While portable home Gyms are designed to be stored in a closet or under a bed, the Suitcase Gym is a true universal travel gym, which fits in a suitcase. Ideal for motels, mobile homes, offices, vans, camping, boats, and cabins.

Most portable home gyms are designed to work certain body parts such as the upper body but do not provide a complete body workout.  A total body system should be able to simulate all of the major exercises, which build the major muscle groups. This should include bench presses, military presses, pull-ups, rowing, arm curls, arm extensions, leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls, hamstring flex and abs. With our UTG-200 system, a user is able to simulate all 11 of these most essential exercises just by reconfiguring the system.

Portable home gyms are usually very limited in the amount resistance provided. Our UTG-200 (UNIVERSAL TRAVEL GYM) can be loaded with a minimum of 10 lbs. resistance and go up to 200 lbs. resistance in 10-lb. increments, This is accomplished through an “octopus elastic cable set;” each kit contains two cable sets, left and right. Each set has 5 elastics; 5 lbs., 10 lbs., 20 lbs., 30 lbs., and 40 lbs. respectively. One simply combines these different resistances to obtain the desired amount, and clamps them to the “roller pin.” It’s easier than loading weights on a bar! The unused cables are supported by a sleeve. There are five models of the Suitcase Gym.


This is the model which we most recommend.

It consists of 4 components: A pair of octopus cable sets, a “roller pin”, (combination hand/foot bar with roller), a specially designed metal tubular collapsible frame, and a headrest. It can be assembled and configured in seconds without tools and requires no door, nor wall for mounting. The only requirement is a section of smoothly carpeted floor about 9"x 2'5". The model UTG-150 fits into a bag (26”x 6”x 6”), weighs under 20 lbs., accommodates persons up to 5’10” tall, and costs $300. Resistance range is 10 lbs. to 150 lbs. in 10-LB increments. 

2.    The model UTG-200 is (28”x 7”x 7”) 

Weighs 25 lbs., costs $395, and accommodates anyone up to 6 ft tall. Its resistance range is 10 LB to 200 LB in 10-LB increments. Include $15.00 for shipping and handling.

3.    The Power Stick-135:

The Power Stick is a smaller version of the UTG designed exclusively for upper body workouts.  One may perform pull-ups, bench press, military press, rowing, arm curls, arm extensions, and abdominal exercises.  Resistance range is from 15 lbs. up to 135 lbs. in 15 lb. increments.  Dimensions are 25" x 4" x 4", weighing 10 pounds, costs $99.00.  Include $10 shipping and handling.  


At 28 lbs., 41" x 9" x 6", it fits the requirements to be checked in as baggage at an airline counter for travel. It has a folding wooden frame with cushions, resistance range from 15 LB up to 135 LB in 15-LB increments. One may simulate pull-ups, military press, rowing, arm curls, dips, leg press, leg extensions, and sit ups.  Price is $200.00 plus $15.00 shipping and handling

5.    The B.T.K. (Body Builder's Travel Kit)
At 5 lbs. 8” x 6” x 5” the BTK is designed primarily for upper body workout. User may simulate alternating pull-ups, alt. bench presses, alt. military press, alt. rowing, alt. arm curls and alt. Arm extensions. This model requires the use of a standard door way for quick mounting. Its advantages are in its compact size (despite its 135 pounds of maximum pull in increments of 15, the thing fits in a lunch box), and its small price tag: $47. Add $8:00 for S&H.

Thanks to the Suitcase Gym's hand crafted custom built travel gyms, no one should after the year 2000, have to skip workouts due to tight schedules, business trips or vacations.  You can do a complete workout in your office or in your van with this system.

Our company is also seeking business partners or marketing assistance.  Suitcase Gym welcomes any comments or criticism of our systems, but would like to know what other alternative one might propose in order to fill this big gap in the fitness equipment industry.

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Patents are pending on these systems. 

Order now by sending check or money order to: 

P.O. BOX 561225
Orlando, Florida 32806 

From Suitcase Gym -- have a great workout! 

Warning: Elastic cables contain potential energy, they can be dangerous if not used properly. The Suitcase Gym is not responsible for injuries caused by improper use.

Photo shows the three UTG configurations.

Left:  UTG- 150, crossbow configuration.  Middle:  UTG-200, slingshot configuration.  Right:  UTG 200, crossbow configuration. Rear middle:  UTG, fork configuration.  Rear wall: UTG 150, packed for travel.  Rear:  Inventor holding Body Builder's Travel Kit.

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Inventor:  Joe Mikulski, c/o Suitcase Gym, P.O. Box 561225, Orlando, FL 32806

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