The Painter's Ergo Tray TM 

Ergo Tray TM is completely unique -- 
its most obvious feature is its sealable, removable lid:

The unique tray body of the Ergo Tray allows the user 
to tow the unit about the work area using his roller handle 
attached to an extension pole (pole not shown)

Bottom side of the sealable lid:

The Ergo Tray's sealable lid allows the user to store not only their paint but also their paint roller within the unit for as long as a month or more! There are many reasons why a home owner or a professional painter would just love such a feature: time saved, money saved and aggravation saved. 

The Ergo Tray's sealable lid is beneficial whether you are involved in a large project or are simply a slow painter. At the end of your painting day, you simply seal it and forget it! No more messy and timely clean-up! Time saved! With the recent invention of plastic core roller covers, you the painter are able to complete an entire job no matter how large, with your original roller cover! Money saved! The time saved from not only the end of the day clean-up but also at the start of the next painting day when opening paint cans, setting up your roller cover on the roller frame and loading the clean roller cover with paint, will be a very welcomed change. Aggravation saved! And there is much more! 


The unique tray body of the Ergo Tray also has a feature that allows the user to tow the unit about the work area using his roller handle attached to an extension pole. The concave area in the front of the paint tray -- where it contours the roller cover when the lid is applied and sealed -- also uniquely doubles as a tow hitch type of mechanism. No more bending that may induce injury or accidental spillage by the user! The front legs of the unit are formed in such a manner that towing the unit over carpets, drop cloths, power cords, or any familiar obstruction can be done easily. The rear legs are also slightly raised and rounded to keep the large flat surface area of the paint reservoir from contacting the floor. Less contact with the floor makes the task of towing even easier!

The unique lid for the Ergo Tray also doubles as a handy workstation when the paint tray is in use. The shape of the lid allows the user to store the familiar and popular paint applicator accessories such as a mini corner roller and paint pad edgers. The user no longer has to use the typical paint tray to store all these items when in use! The paint pad edgers once precariously teetered on the corner edges of the paint tray just waiting for the opportunity to take the plunge! Your mini corner roller was constantly jockeying for position over your standard nine (9) inch roller, each of which was always in the way of the other depending on which one you have in your hands if not both! All of which is now just an aggravation of the past thanks to the Ergo Tray! Happy painting! 

** Exclusive License currently available or if you would like to offer this unique product to your accounts, inventor is working towards partnering with an established U.S. OEM company that can package according to your account's needs and requirements.

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