Tree Watering Device:

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Tree Watering Device:

"Water your tree with ease – not on your knees!" is the slogan for this easy-to-use device. Watering a Christmas tree is not an easy task. It normally requires crawling under the tree and trying to guide the watering can spout into the tree stand without spilling water on the floor. This device is a funnel, a clip and a rubber hose. It can be secured to a branch of the tree with the hose placed acent to the length of the tree trunk and the end of the hose placed in the tree stand. The user simply pours water into the decorative funnel and it flows into the stand; no danger of pouring water on the carpet or the presents! A prototype has been built and tested and works perfectly.

Inventor:  David Peaphon, 2391 N. Berkshire Drive, Saginaw, MI 48603
Phone:  (517) 799-3342 

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