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"Self Energy Green" device that produces energy while walking and stores it until needed:

Top Shelf for Flat Screen TV's:

"Sound Enhancer" adjustable head band:

QuadrAlert Gas Leak & Smoke Detector, by Scentech:

Americana Collection of Wall Carvings and Designs:

"Wallee Clip" Transparent Wall Mount Clip with J hooks:

�Don�t-Spill-It� Screwless Bottle Cap & Cork Replacement:

Tilt-A-Roll Toilet Tissue Holder:

"Brodie's Skin Buffer" Electric Hand-held Grooming Tool:

Pillow Stow Storage Furniture:

Motion TV Wireless Handheld Remote Device: 

"Power Box" Fully Retractable Extension Cord:

Touchscreen Cookbook:

Remote Control for Restroom Air Freshener:

Perfect Pour Funnel:

Mirror of Time Clock and the Cross Clock:

"Air Handler" toilet ventilation device:

"The Property Leash" Anti-Theft Device:

Front Access Picture Frame:

High Hanger Hooker � :

Color Matching I.D.:

Back Valet: 

MopSee Cleaning Mop: A New Kind of Clean:

"Plant Maid" Plant Watering System:

Slide Away Work Top for Computers:

Tape Tacks:

"Pour Thing" Refrigerator Bottle-Pouring Device: 

Free-Standing Desk Organizer:

Kooltronik Portable Fan:

EZ-TEAR3 � Paper Towel and Tissue Paper Holder:

"Crisp Keeper" Household Food Container: 

Butter Tub Holder:

Bath Blast TM Shower Brush:

"Handi-Holder" Combination Food Holder:

Easy Open Door Latch:

Coffee Filter Dispenser:

Modular Alarm System:

Telescoping Louvered Window Insert:

Top Master Device for Opening Jars:

"Handiwise" Recycling Cart:

"Easy-T" 4-Way Adjustable Picture Hanger:

Ash Drain TM : A Charcoal Grill Necessity:

Automated, Illuminated Address Display and Entrance Light:

Cereal Snacker:

Christmas Tree Skirt Support:

Tab Top:

Dryer Exhaust Vent Tester:

Musical Potty Training Device:

Dish Drain Stand:

E-Z Wash Sponge Mitten:

"Intelligent Line Disconnect" Lightning Protection for Electronic and Electrical Equipment:

Remote Control on a Leash:

Heart-Shaped Pizza Pan:

Slide N' Glide TM Photo Holder:


Portable Thermal Shower -- The "Trunk Shower:"

Folding Chair with Self-Storable Tray:

The Furniture Saver:

Portable, Adjustable Holder for Plastic Grocery Bags:

Pre-Electric Shaving Formula:

Can Hugger:

Self-Leveling Window Bracket:

Crockpot Liner:

Acrylic Glass Antique Tub:

"CROSS SADDLE" support system for window dressing rods:


Fly and Insect Trap:

Lighted Pine Cone Christmas Tree:

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