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Invis-A-Caulk caulk mixer:

Car Bidet do-it-yourself car-bottom washer:

Flagpole with Solar Lights:

Delta Plow Foldable Snow Plow, mounted on a rear trailer hitch:

Vinyl Edger � Handheld Cutter:

Mower Flush for Cleaning Lawnmower Decks:

Expandable Power Strip with Wall Block:

Football-shaped Extension Cord Clamp:

Single Vent Evaporative Cooler Diffuser Clap:

Perfect Plant Caddy:

Garden Hose Trigger Nozzle Guard:

Rock and Mulch Guard:

Hot Water Circulating System:

Easy Clean � Pool Screen:

"Plant Umbrella" Plant Protector:

"Handie Caddie" Mobile Bucket and Tool Tray:

Deck Punch for Punching Holes in Decking Material:

Level Ride for Lawnmowers:

"Auto Mower" Racecar Design Riding Lawnmower: 

"Plant Maid" Plant Watering System:

Telescopic Posthole Digger:

T-Shaped Versatile Trellis:

"Pour & Brush � " Paint Delivery System:

"Visitcom" Front Door Communication Center:


"E-Z Hole TM" Hydro Jet Excavation Hose Nozzle: 

Support Bracket for Garden Hose Attachments:

Ladder Station:

Easy Open Door Latch:

Ladder Angel:

Hole in One -- The New Drywall Repair Kit:

Carpet Box Cutter:

"Handiwise" Recycling Cart:

"Candlier" Chandelier Adaptor:

Fly and Insect Trap:

Retractable Garden Hose:

"Tu BOLT" Fastener (alternative to the traditional nuts, bolts and washers combination):

"Ash Drain TM " -- A Charcoal Grill Necessity:

Automated, Illuminated Address Display and Entrance Light:

"Magnetic Occasions" Decoration for Garage Doors:

Bucket Pal� Bucket Attachment:


Basement Security Window:

"Clip-on-ument" Flower Holder for Gravesites:

Easy Trash Bagger TM -- A Yard Maintentance Tool:

Tree Watering Device:

Sander Sucker Adapter Kit:

Retractable Self-Stowing Greenhouse:

"Tree Shelf" Temporary Shelf:

Lawnmower Blade Removal Tool:

The Bush Bib:

Hose Connector Fitting Cover:

"CROSS SADDLE" support system for window dressing rods:

Self-Leveling Window Bracket:

Gard Prop Lawn Mower Attachment:

Simulated Brick Chimney Block:


Bug Plucker:

The "Lawn Chair Buddy" Attachment for Lawn Chairs:

Paint Roller Cleaner:

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