LUV-BEAMS® plush dolls:



Please click on this link to see the LUV BEAMS ® teddy bear PowerPoint 

LUV-BEAMS® are all about "LUV." The plush dolls have appeared at toy shows and kids expos, and they have made newspaper headlines and TV news stories.  Already capturing the hearts of children, teens, and adults, their main goal is to beam lots of love to everyone on Earth. Their message is: "My Love for You is Out of this World!"

Winners of the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD on Creative Magazine, they have been featured on TDMonthly Magazine’s Toy Directory. LUV-BEAMS® are so unique that there is nothing else like them on Earth. Market tests have shown that they are traffic stoppers. 


LUV-BEAMS® are as follows:

·        Kyzzie, the older sister, 12” tall, comes dressed in a pink spacesuit with bows on her antennae.

·        Sweetz, the older brother, 12” tall, comes dressed in a blue spacesuit.

·        Hunee, the baby brother, 10” tall, comes dressed in a red spacesuit.

LUV-BEAMS’® hands, feet, and hoods are heart-shaped and each one carries an ID or LUV-Card.  They promise to be luvable, huggable, and simply adorable. Available separately or as a family, they make great gifts for all occasions.

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Copyright, patent & trademark protected & recommended for children over five years of age

Inventor:  Mary Vela
Phone:  (210) 475-1572
[email protected]