Patented Sporting Goods Inventions and Recreational Products Available for License:

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"Self Energy Green" device that produces energy while walking and stores it until needed:

The Bird Hospice:

Rotal Weights :

"Tolanizer" Muscle Toner and Exerciser:

Flagpole with Solar Lights:

�Don�t-Spill-It� Screwless Bottle Cap & Cork Replacement:

LagRag golf trainer:

Drill Paddle portable water paddle powered by cordless drill:

"CampAntics" board game:

Concert Light:

"Work Trim" Exercise Device that Attaches to Chair:

Vexon Racing Helmet that Improves Peripheral and Frontal Views: 

PRO CLAPPER Hand-Shaped Noisemaker:

Ball Back :

3-in-1 Business, Golf and Pleasure Dart Board: 

Aerobic Golf Cart with Pedals:

ATV KLAW Interlocking Theft Deterrent:

Easy Clean � Pool Screen:

"Sandphibian" Convertible Beach Sand Chair:

"PowerBall � Gaming" Poker Game Using Tossed Balls:

Back Valet:

Auto Mower:

Laser Putter Golf Training Device:

Kooltronik Portable Fan:

"Straight Tee" and Strong Tee" Golf Tees:

All-Terrain Chair:

Music Mat:

"KegTainer" Cooling Container for Kegs:

Portable Automatic Golf Ball Teeing Device:

The Only "Breathing Tennis Racket in the World:"

Coffee Filter Dispenser for Sports Fans:

Golf Stance Alignment Training Device:

Walking Workout Facility:

Card Game:

Family Recreational Game System:

Beach Body Brush:

Ash Drain TM -- A Charcoal Grill Necessity:

Portable Fish Scaler:

Easy Ride Skateboard:

Target Base TM:

Boat Docking Product:

Cap Lamp:

Portable Thermal Shower -- The "Trunk Shower:"

Table Top Game:

Game Carcass Spreader:

"Switch Hook TM" Weedless Fishing Lure:

Eccentric Sighter for Firearms:

Collator for Sports Cards and Collectible Cards:

Fitness Promotional Item -- The Pocket-Sized Gym:

Pin Point Putter:

"Chair Tent" (chair ride protection for downhill skiers):

Off-Line Wheel Skate:

Pro-Sports Liniment:

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