Chair Tent chair ride protection for downhill skiers:  U.S. Patent # 4,991,875

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This windscreen is mountable to snow ski poles to serve as a screen against the elements when riding on a ski chair lift. It is designed to be light and portable and easily stored inside any pocket of a ski coat. It also is designed to wrap around a ski pole (for storage) for the run down the hill. It is flexible and barely noticeable in regard to the effect on the ski pole performance. It is easily unfurled from the storage pole to be used as a shelter from the snow, rain, or wind during the ride up the chair lift. Anyone who has endured a stormy ride up a chair lift would appreciate this product just as a sport fan appreciates his or her umbrella. It is much less of a hassle than an umbrella.

Fasteners are included to secure the sheet to the ski poles. The fasteners may also be released to facilitate storage and transport on the downhill run.

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Inventor:  James W. McDermott, 801 Manastash Rd., Ellensburg, WA 98926
Phone:  (509) 925-5059
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