Patented New Products and Inventions for Women (including Moms) Available for License:

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Copyrighted Pictures and Paintings with Poems, for Greeting Cards, Mugs, Ceramic Dishes, Posters, T-Shirts, etc.:
"Brodie's Skin Buffer" Electric Hand-held Grooming Tool:
Pocket-Sized Security Device:

"Cash Bag" Anti-Theft Carrying Bag with GPS Locator:
Folding Squeegee / Scraper with Glove:
            American Image � Silverware and Flatware:

"The Property Leash" Anti-Theft Device:
Word Isolating Educational Tool �:

2-in-1 Claw �:
Color Matching I.D.:

MopSee �: A New Kind of Clean:

"Plant Maid" Plant Watering System
Vent Extender �:
Memor-Ease Storage Box:
"Crisp Keeper"
Household Food Container:
Re-Mind-Me (TM) Training Pillow for Children:

"Handi-Holder" Combination Food Holder:

Family Recreational Game System:
Automatic Nail File:
"Easy-T" 4-Way Adjustable Picture Hanger:
Take-Along Portable Bath Spa:
The Hairlacer Hair-Styling Tool:

Children's Fun Riding Toys:
Doll Cape for Women /Rain Cape for Men:
Christmas Tree Skirt Support:


Tab Top:
Musical Potty Training Device:
Dish Drain Stand:
"Candlier" Candle Holder for an Electric Chandelier:
Slide N' Glide TM Photo Holder:
Soapasaurus Soap Dispenser for Kids:
Crockpot Liner:
Car Seat Locking Device:
"CROSS SADDLE" support system for window dressing rods:
Christmas Ornament Garage:
Lighted Pine Cone Christmas Tree:
"Fingernail Saver" Toilet Tissue Spindle Remover:

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