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Flagpole with Solar Lights:

Delta Plow Foldable Snow Plow, mounted on a rear trailer hitch:

QuadrAlert Gas Leak & Smoke Detector, by Scentech:

Crocodile Bucket for Backhoes:

Six-Point Retention Trapeze Bar Holder:

Remote Control for Restroom Air Freshener:

"Core Drilling" Method for Digging Holes Into Concrete:

"Pour & Brush � " Paint Delivery System:

Selective Glare Reduction Ocular:

Brake Lights "On-Off" Control System:

Ladder Station:

Smoke and Heat Removal Apparatus:

"Paracut" Tool for Cutting Drywall:

"Hanger" Manufactured Lap Siding Installation Tool:

Merchandise Guardian:

Knee Protector:

Multi-Purpose Tool Tray -- "Easy-Go:"

Mortise and Tenon Joint:

Traffic Light Device with Countdown Mechanism:

Ladder Angel:

The Painter's "Ergo" Tray:

Hygenix TM Anti-Splashback Urinal:

Pick-up Truck Bed Extender:

Retractable Garden Hose:

Windshield Clearing and De-icing System:

Tu BOLT Fastener (alternative to the traditional nuts, bolts and washers combination):

Hammer Safety Strap:

Ladder Stabilizers:

Temperature Comparison Circuit Device for Monitoring Heating and Cooling Systems:

Dryer Exhaust Vent Tester:

Bucket Pal� Bucket Attachment:

"Intelligent Line Disconnect" Lightning Protection for Electronic and Electrical Equipment:

Basement Security Window:

Sander Sucker Adapter Kit:

The Furniture Saver:

Retractable Self-Stowing Greenhouse:

E-Z Qwik-Pik Fruit Picker: 

Rotatable Reloading Roundtable / Electrical Equipment Table:

Vehicle Steering Offset Monitor:

Bleeder Valve Assembly:

Interactive Security System: 

"Strong Arm" Fork Lift Loading Attachment:

"Secure Coin" Anti-Vandalism, Anti-Theft Bill Changer Alarm:

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