"Strong Arm" Fork Lift Loading Attachment:  U.S. Patent # 5,746,564 

The STRONG ARM is a time-saving and labor-saving device that will revolutionize your existing fork lift. Easily mounted on either side of the forklift, the STRONG ARM can carry 20-foot steel rounds, pipes, squares and other objects not normally carried by fork lifts through narrow aisles and doorways. It can carry 2,000 pounds of steel. It promotes safety for the operator and the cargo and, having only two moving parts, it is nearly indestructible. It is made of 5/8" laser-cut steel and weighs only 130 lbs. Since it is a one-man operated device, it reduces labor costs. The STRONG ARM offers affordability and safety. Is ideal for the OEM market as well as for after-market manufacturers.

The following pictures show the STRONG ARM in action:

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This article about the STRONG ARM appeared in the April, 2001 issue of Material Handling Network:

A New Product for Manufacturers of Fork Lifts and Accessories

Fork lift operators frequently try to lift and move cargo such as pipes and other long objects for which the fork lift was not designed for.

This practice is time-consuming, potentially dangerous and often costly. This problem pointed out a need that led inventor Raymond McPherson to the development of this unique "side loading attachment." It is a labor-saving device that promotes safety for the operator and the cargo. It weighs just 130 pounds and can be used on either side of the fork lift. It is a money-saving and labor-saving improvement that has been successfully tested with the use of a working prototype.

The Strong Arm provides a single unit consisting of a rectangular frame connected via a hinge mechanism of a pair of hook pieces. The primary objective of this invention is to provide a fork lift with a means to safely carry objects not normally carried by fork lifts. It is able to carry heavy loads of pipes, squares, round and similar cargo weighing up to 2,500 pounds, on either side of the fork lift. Its unique design allows it to work close to the floor, eliminating the hazardous job of carrying heavy loads up and over obstacles or machinery. It is the first attachment that allows heavy loads to be moved "safely" through narrow aisles and doorways.

It is a proven attachment that can be made in sizes and styles to fit any fork lift or special application.

The design used by McPherson is simple and uncomplicated. This simplicity of design will enable this fork lift attachment to be easily mass-produced at a very affordable price. It is a tested and proven attachment that has been awarded a United States Patent, and is now ready for immediate introduction to a vast and waiting market.

Sales Potential:

It is a cargo-handling improvement that fills a real need for many warehouse and industrial plants. Once introduced, industry acceptance should be immediate. Marketing will be easy, as it can be sold with all new fork lifts, as well as easily added to the millions of fork lifts already in use. It may also be offered in a variety of industry catalogues. It is a needed fork lift improvement that opens up a new and highly profitable product line, with unlimited national and international marketing opportunities.

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Inventor:  Ray McPherson, P.O. Box 274, South Milwaukee, WI 53172
Phone: (414) 764-2405

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