Patented  Hardware &Tool Inventions Available for License:

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Invis-A-Caulk caulk mixer:

Staple Master

"Wallee Clip" Transparent Wall Mount Clip with J Hooks:

Vinyl Edger �   handheld cutter:

"Tool Caddy" Tool Holder and Organizer Produced from Recycled Rubber:

Mower Flush for Cleaning Lawnmower Decks:

ATV KLAW Interlocking Theft Deterrent:

Telescopic Posthole Digger:

"Pour & Brush � " Paint Delivery System:

Double Vice Grips:

"E-Z Hole TM" Hydro Jet Excavation Hose Nozzle: 

Support Bracket for Garden Hose Attachments:

Ladder Station:

Knee Protector:

Multi-Purpose Tool Tray -- "Easy-Go:"

Stud Marker:

Mortise and Tenon Joint:

Ladder Angel:

Hole in One -- The New Drywall Repair Kit:

"Chain Tamer" Case That Holds Chainsaw Chains:

Carpet Box Cutter:

The Painter's "Ergo" Tray:

Tu BOLT Fastener (alternative to the traditional nuts, bolts and washers combination):

Bucket Pal � Bucket Attachment:

Cap Lamp:

Master Interlocking Nail System:

Sander Sucker Adapter Kit:

"Strong Arm" Fork Lift Loading Attachment:

Paint Roller Cleaner:

Lawnmower Blade Removal Tool:

Adjustable Self-Locking Crow Foot Wrench:

"Secure Coin" Anti-Vandalism, Anti-Theft Bill Changer Alarm:

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