Patented New Bathroom Accessories and Inventions Available for License:

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"Wallee Clip" Transparent Wall Mount Clip:

Tilt-A-Roll Toilet Tissue Holder:

Toilet Light Disinfectant and Scent Device:

Folding Tube Squeezer:

Bathing Brush with Telescoping Handle and Ventilated Snap-On Cover:

Remote Control for Restroom Air Freshener:

"Air Handler" toilet ventilation device: 

STAR BEAM Nightlight:

MopSee Cleaning Mop: A New Kind of Clean:

EZ-TEAR3 � Paper Towel and Tissue Paper Holder:

Bath Blast TM Shower Brush:

Hygenix TM Anti-Splashback Urinal:

Take-Along Portable Bath Spa:

Musical Potty Training Device:

Hospital Bed with Bed Pan Included:

Triple Brush Gum Blaster:


"Roll-A-Bath" Combination Portable Sofa and Bathing Unit:

Pre-Electric Shaving Formula:

Acrylic Glass Antique Tub:

Soapasaurus Soap Dispenser for Kids:

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