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LAST UPDATED ON:  March 9, 2013

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LagRag™ golf trainer:
Top Shelf™ for Flat Screen TV's:
Drill Paddle portable water paddle powered by cordless drill:
Invis-A-Caulk™ caulk mixer:
Universal Vehicle Window Vent:

"CampAntics" board game:

"Tolanizer" Muscle Toners and Exercisers:
Rotal Weights ™:
Staple Master

"Wallee Clip" Transparent Wall Mount Clip with J Hooks:

Tilt-A-Roll Toilet Tissue Holder:
"Switch Hook TM" Weedless Fishing Lure:
Copyrighted pictures and paintings with poems, for greeting cards, mugs, ceramic dishes, posters, T-shirts, etc.:
The "G-Ring" barber's protective ring for haircare professionals:
Vinyl Edger ™  handheld cutter:
"Work Trim" exercise device to accompany your computer or desk; available for license:

Perfect Pour Funnel:
"Deck Punch" tool to eliminate the need for drilling:

Front Access Picture Frame:
Back Valet ™ lotion applicator:
MopSee™ cleaning mop:

"Back Right" ™ Back Brace:
Tape Tacks ™:

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