Our links page is divided into 3 parts:  The first part lists inventor groups across the country; then the second part lists web sites that are of benefit to inventors; and the third part lists web sites of our inventor customers who have their own web sites.

Attention Inventors:  If you're looking for an inventor group in your area, these links will help you find one.

United Inventors Association of the USA
Alaska Inventors & Entrepreneurs:  Anchorage, AK
Inventors Association of Arizona:  Phoenix, AZ
Inventors Forum:
  Inventors Forum chapter in Huntington Beach, CA
Inventors Alliance:
  Mountain View, CA 
Inventors Alliance of Northern California:
  Redding, CA
Idea to Market Network:
  Santa Rosa, CA
Inventors Forum:
  Inventors Forum chapter in Whittier, CA
Rocky Mountain Inventors Congress:
  Denver, CO
Inventors Assn. of Connecticut:
  Bridgeport, CT
Inventors' Network of the CapitalArea: 
Washington, DC
Edison Inventors Association:
  Ft. Myers, FL
Tampa Bay Inventors' Council:
  St. Petersburg, FL
Inventor Assoc. of Georgia:
  Dunwoody, GA
Inventors Assoc. of So. Central Kansas:
  Wichita KS
Greater Boston Inventors Association:
  Pepperal, MA
Innovators Resource Network:
  Springfield, MA
Inventor's Council of Mid-Michigan:  Lower Peninsula, MI
Society of Minnesota Inventors:  St. Francis, MN
Minnesota Inventors Congress:
  Redwood Falls, MN
Mississippi SBDC Inventor Assistance:

Lincoln Inventors Association:
  Brainerd, ND
Northern Plains Inventors Congress:
  Fargo, ND
Nevada Inventors Association:
  Reno, NV
Inventors Connection Greater Cleveland:
  Strongville, OH 
Inventors Council of Dayton:
  Dayton, OH 
American Society of Inventors:
  Philadelphia PA 
Pennsylvania Inventors Assn.:  Erie, PA 
Tennessee Inventors Assn.:
  Knoxville, TN 
Houston Inventors Association:  Houston, TX
Technology Advocates of San Antonio:
  San Antonio, TX
Texas Inventors Association:  Plano, TX 
Blue Ridge Inventor's Club:  Charlottesville, VA 
Whidbey Island Inventor Network:  Langley, WA 
Inventors Network of Wisconsin:  Green Bay, WI

Foreign / International Inventor Web Sites:

British Columbia Inventors' Society:  Vancouver, BC Canada
Inventors Alliance of Canada:  Toronto, Ontario
Women's Inventor's Project:
  Thornhill, Ontario
International Federation of Inventors' Associations:
  Its membership represents some 100 countries.


Links for Inventors:

Enhance Product Development:  Invention, idea and product design and development for inventors. We provide professional product design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing sourcing, marketing and licensing with scalable and low-cost services to maximize success. Licensing consultation on contingency. 

Invent Secrets: Successful Licensing Agency, Lambert & Lambert, Reveals Their Strategies on How to Market and License Inventions

InventRight.com:  Run by Stephen Key (successful award-winning inventor and entrepreneur who has licensed more than 20 products in the past 25 years. His products have sold in thousands of retail stores) and Andrew Krauss (President of the Inventor�s Alliance), Inventright is an expert on licensing and has successfully coached inventors and entrepreneurs through the licensing process for over two decades.

DesignMyIdea.com: They help with design in any stage of the prototype process: Industrial design, engineering, CAD design, prototyping, packaging design, sales sheet and setting up e-commerce web sites.

Lambert & Lambert:  Performance-based invention marketing and patent licensing services for your invention, idea, or new product. They tailor a marketing plan for the inventor and personally present it to manufacturers.

Conceptual Innovations:  Conceptual Innovations develops your idea for you by doing everything virtually first. This way saves you money on prototyping expenses, reducing the cost of expensive trial and error physical prototypes. They produce CAD drawings, sell sheet, etc. for inventors. The owner's family also owns a plastic mold company in the U.S.
730 Main Street South, Suite B, Southbury, CT 06488
Phone:  800-758-9050
Lewis Gotch, Founder and President

[email protected]

Inventors' Digest:  This is THE trade magazine for inventors.

UIA/USA: The UIA/USA is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation formed in 1990 solely for educational purposes.  The mission of the UIA is to provide leadership, support, and services to inventor support groups and independent inventors. Membership is extended to these as well as to others who provide reputable service and support to the inventor community.  The Inventors’ Awareness Center is the inventor education and advocacy program of UIA and is presented in detail under the section “Red Flag Warnings.” 

Academy of Applied Science:  Former sponsor of the UIA / USA

Invention Lady Jan Healzer:  Prototypes, Manufacturing/Packaging on and off shore, marketing and consulting (417) 725-9274

Inventor-mentor.comThis is Jack Lander's second site. Jack will get you on the right track, and his phone consultations will save you a lot of money through his experienced, ethical guidance that he provides.  He'll sign a confidentiality agreement, too. Jack is well-known for his work in building prototypes, and has been a columnist for Inventors' Digest for 6 years.

inventorhelp.com:  This is Jack Lander's site. Jack is well-known for his work in building great prototypes, and has written a number of articles on prototyping for Inventors' Digest.

The Inventor Fraud Center:  The Inventor Fraud Center has probably the most comprehensive list of "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys."  This list tells which companies are OK to do business with, and which ones you should watch out for. 

www.neustel.com:  Law firm of Patent Attorney Michael Neustel, which has additional sources of information for inventors. 

www.Salient-tech.com:  Salient Technologies, Inc. is a cutting-edge mechanical engineering, consulting, prototyping, and product design company, whose goal is to provide high-end MCAD solutions to inventors, manufacturers and R&D enterprises. We help companies and inventors take products from basic concepts to the market. (877) 585-7275

By Kids For Kids:  World's Largest Site for Kid Inventors and Free American Inventor Patenting Support for Kids

Product & Business Development, Inc. provides information and services to inventors and entrepreneurs for developing new products and start-up businesses. Our web site attentions are for helping under-capitalized and inexperienced inventors and entrepreneurs in their pursuit of seeking valuable information, resources and services that are beneficial in developing, manufacturing and marketing of new products and businesses. Our site also enables the posting of advertisements from inventors and entrepreneurs that are seeking an investment partner, working partner, manufacturing and/or marketing, seeking to license or exclusively license a product. Our site also hosts video webcasting for inventors and entrepreneurs displaying their inventions in 30 second, one minute or three minute segments.

CPO Direct:  Company offers a combination of direct response advertising and media options, based on your needs. These include:
Direct Response TV (infomercials), Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Out-of-Home and Internet. They
define the right media mix for the optimal result, and tries to avoid presenting a boilerplate solution. 736 N. Western Ave., #147, Lake Forest, IL 60045. Phone:  (847) 735-7365; FAX: (847) 735-9826. Contact Norm Goldring, Founder & Chairman, at [email protected] or 

Software to help you write your own Provisional Patent Application, for around $20.  www.patenttemplate.com or www.provisionalpatenttemplate.com  Call Jack Bishop at (818) 765-4816  

Jim Ward Design:  Jim is the graphics design expert who created our Market Launchers logo. He has done logo work for clients such as Anheuser-Busch, the University of Missouri, a local Harley Davidson dealer, the St. Louis Vipers roller hockey team, Discovery Cove (which was seen on ads during the Super Bowl and during the Oscars) and many others. His work is top-notch, and he is now looking to take on inventor clients and small-business clients as well. Give him a call if you're serious about having a logo developed for your product or business. (314) 822-3936. www.idologos.com

Great Idea Gear.com:  Books and software for inventors. 

Inventors Headquarters.com:  A free informational and resource site for the novice inventor, offering help with developing prototypes and obtaining licensing, patents and royalty agreements. We can even help you locate manufacturers to help develop your inventions.

InventorServices.com:  Jack Carik: (248) 650-0883

PatentHunter.com:  PatentHunter software downloads and manages U.S. patents. Free trial version available.

NAM.org:  The National Association of Manufacturers, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004-1790. Phone: (202) 637-3000

ThomasRegional.com:  ThomasRegional.com gives you free access to a searchable database of more than 550,000 distributors, manufacturers, and service companies in all key U.S. industrial markets -- includes brochures, catalogs, linecards, videos, and links to suppliers web sites. SOURCE IT, QUOTE IT, BUY IT. ONLINE. 

yankeeinventionexpo.com:  Companies seeking inventions/new products will be at the Yankee Invention Expo because there are many new inventions there.  It is held in October  in Waterbury, CT.  For more info, visit their web site or call (203) 575-8322.

Accessory Brainstorms:  Accessory Brainstorms is looking for new inventions in the Fashion / Beauty / Lifestyle categories. They select the most promising ones and attempt to bring them to market for their inventor clients.  Accessory Brainstorms also offers licensing agent services and is compensated on contingency. In addition, the company also offers private consulting.

www.neustel.com: Law firm of Patent Attorney Michael Neustel, which has additional sources of information for inventors. 

ProduCTeam:  A one-stop shopping center for product development. Manufacturs patented products for contracting of licensing.

money4ideas.com:  This is Harvey Reese's site. Harvey wrote the book, "How to License Your Million Dollar Idea."

Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM):  The AUTM web site lists its publications, educational courses, current U.S. legislative initiatives and member place-of-business contact information. It also provides an opportunity for non-AUTM members to learn more about academic technology transfer, and the role that AUTM plays nationally and internationally.

Arthur D. Little Enterprises:  A.D.L.E.'s Invention Management Program -- through their expertise in technology development, intellectual property and technology transfer -- commercializes innovations by turning early-stage ideas into successfully licensed technologies.

ThomasRegister.com:  Search engine for manufacturers of industrial products.

National Association of Product Development:  N.A.P.D. membership consists of independent inventors, patent attorneys, engineers, marketing and product managers and corporate executives. The NAPD promotes interaction between independent inventors and corporate product development personnel.

MAMTC (Mid America Manufacturing Technology Center):  An excellent resource for manufacturers. MAMTC partners with manufacturers to help them increase sales and reduce costs. MAMTC works primarily with companies in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming.

patent-faq.com:  For answers to many patent questions, visit the homepage of Registered Patent Agent David A. Kiewit at http://patent-faq.com

Links to inventors' web sites:

These links are for our customers who have their own web sites in addition to having a page on our site's Invention Database. 

Ladder Angel:
"The Idea"
Book for Inventors:

Shoe Butler:
Tilt-A-Roll Toilet Tissue Holder:
X-Pel Clear Paint Protection Kit:
X-Pel Clear Headlight Protection Kit:
Pepper Escort Personal Defense System for Women:
CleandiCator TM Dishwasher Clean / Dirty Indicator:
BUZZ BULB Security/Safety Device:

Interactive Security System:

"Tolanizer" Muscle Toner and Exerciser:
Sock Master:
Safecasters environmentally safe fishing weights:
Character-Building ABC Blocks:
"Modbox" System for Connecting Electrical Components into an Electrical Wall Box: 
Rotal Weights TM:

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