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MarketLaunchers helps DRTV companies and manufacturers add to their product line when they use our Product Scouting service. How does this work? 

We find new products for your product line by serving as your own Product Scout. In some instances, we can serve as your entire R & D department. We locate quality new products for clients, ad this service is ideal for small and mid-sized companies and includes: 

Please contact Paul Niemann at (800) 337-5758 or (636) 477-8000 or [email protected] for details.

Are you looking for new products to add to your product line, but don't want to hire MarketLaunchers to search for you?

There is a less expensive (and less effective) way to use MarketLaunchers. It is free (except for the cost of your time, which isn't free). Announcing unlimited free access to our invention database below ... 

Why should you search this site when looking for new products?
   1.  You can find hundreds of inventions here
   2.  You will save time searching our user-friendly Invention Database (no registration required)
   3.  Why spend your time searching the millions of 1-product sites on the web -- when you can find hundreds of inventions here? 

Access to our Invention Database is free. You do the searching, and any licensing agreements that result are between you and the inventor ...  

Appliances & Housewares

Computer, Electrical & Lighting

Publishing & Educational
Automotive Accessories

Exercise Equipment

Security & Safety
Baby, Toddler & Children's Products

Fishing, Hunting & Camping

Sporting Goods & Recreational
Bathroom Accessories

Hardware, Tools & Do-It-Yourself

Toys, Hobbies, Collectibles, Holiday Products & Memorial Decoration Products
Beauty, Health & Wellness

Home & Garden

Women's Products (including parents)
Commercial, Industrial & Government

Medical Products & Hospital Equipment

Miscellaneous (contains ALL products)
Construction & Farm Products

Office Products


Please call (800) 337-5758 for details

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Market was founded in 1998 by Paul Niemann, a former Ad Exec at a St. Louis ad agency, While there, he learned first-hand how to market new products, helping to launch the Financial Success Kit. He also teaches marketing on the college level and has published 2 books about inventions.

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