Patented Security and Safety Inventions Available for License:

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QuadrAlert Gas Leak & Smoke Detector, by Scentech:

"Cash Bag" Anti-Theft Carrying Bag with GPS Locator:

Detachable Recline Brake for Motorcycles:

Vexon Racing Helmet that improves Peripheral and Frontal Views:

EZ Screen Guard:

Six-Point Retention Trapeze Bar Holder:

"The Property Leash" Anti-Theft Device:

Smoke and Heat Removal Apparatus:

Modular Alarm System:

Windshield Clearing and De-icing System:

Automated, Illuminated Address Display and Entrance Light:

Safety Driving Server:

Roadside Message Board:

Basement Security Window:

Cap Lamp:

"INSTALERT" Pocket-Sized Security Device:

Car Seat Locking Device:

Versa-Tee Mounting Bracket:

Food Donator Identification Container:

Pool Accessory Device:

Interactive Security System:

Emergency Roadside Reflector:

"Secure Coin" Anti-Vandalism, Anti-Theft Bill Changer Alarm: 

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