Patented Medical Inventions and Hospital Equipment Available for License:

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Moisani � 3-in-1 Sponge, Scrubber and Air Freshener:

"While-You-Sleep" Body Stretcher, with Health Benefits / Vertebrae Relaxation Device:

Six-Point Retention Trapeze Bar Holder:

Back Right back brace:

"KelaTrap" Reservoir Device for Healthcare Facilities:

Medication Cart:

"EasyClimb" Incline Anti-Rollback System for Wheelchairs:

Water Trachea Prevention Kit:

Hospital Bed with Built-in Bed Pan Included:

Triple Brush Gum Blaster:

Hemostat Klamp:


Portable Thermal Shower -- The "Trunk Shower:"

Combination Portable Sofa and Bathing Unit: 

Pelvic Traction Belt Extender:

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