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"Brodie's Skin Buffer" Electric Hand-held Grooming Tool:

"Sound Enhancer" adjustable head band:

The "G-Ring" barber's protective ring for hair care professionals:

"While-You-Sleep" Body Stretcher, with Health Benefits / Vertebrae Relaxation Device:

Bathing Brush with Telescoping Handle and Ventilated Snap-On Cover:

Cereal Snacker:

2-in-1 Claw �:

Back Valet:

Re-Mind-Me (TM) Training Pillow for Children:

Bath Blast TM Shower Brush:

Automatic Nail File:

PROLOOK� Perfect Sideburns:

The Hairlacer Hair-Styling Tool:

Triple Brush Gum Blaster:


Soapasaurus Soap Dispenser for Kids:

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