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"How to sell your invention"
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Most inventors think that their invention is that one-in-a-million, needle-in-a-haystack invention.
Maybe it is, but it probably is not.
Either way, we can help you to either improve your chances of success, or quit wasting your time and money and move on to your other invention ideas.

INVENTORS: Are you trying to sell your invention to a manufacturer? Here's a 4-step method to do it ...

1.   First: Make a list of companies that would be good prospects to buy the rights to your invention. Call or e-mail us for advice on this one.

2.   Second: Get your own web page here on this site by filling out the form below, so you can show your invention to companies when you contact them.

3.   Third: Call each company on the phone, introduce yourself, give them your web address and explain your product. Then follow up until you get an answer. 

4.   Fourth: Your invention and web site will be listed on this site's Invention Database, where it can be seen by companies looking for new products.

If you have any questions, please contact Paul Niemann at 800-337-5758 or [email protected]

Looking for more help than what we provide here? 
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1.    Please select one of the following 3 packages
2.    Next, hit the "Buy Now" button. 
3.    Then e-mail or snail mail your text and pictures to [email protected] and we'll build your web page for you as soon as we receive your order. 

There are no other fees (we're easy to work with). Each option includes the cost of building your web page AND hosting it on the Market Launchers web site. Your web page will look the same regardless of which package you choose: 

A.    The BRONZE Package: Good value
1 year for only $295.00 (average of $24.58 per month x 12 months)

B.    The SILVER Package: Better value
2 years for only $395.00 (average of $16.46 per month x 24 months).

C.    The GOLD Package: Best value
3 years with several extra features for only $495.00 (average of $13.75 per month x 36 months).

(We will begin creating your web page on the same day we receive your order.) 

Which package do you want?

Now you're finished! Your web page will be ready in just a few days, and your invention will be listed in our site's database for companies to see. Thanks for trusting us with your web page. Feel free to call us at (800) 337-5758 or visit our FAQ's page if you have any questions. Here's the disclaimer

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