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Car Bidet do-it-yourself car-bottom washer:

Universal Vehicle Window Vent:

Delta Plow foldable snow plow, mounted on a rear trailer hitch:

Illuminated Car, Truck and SUV Lights:

Mechanic's Thread Cleaner:

Folding Squeegee / Scraper with Glove:

Detachable Recline Brake for Motorcycles:

Collapsible Jack Stand:

Perfect Pour Funnel:

ATV KLAW Interlocking Theft Deterrent:

The Tag Bumper for Automobiles:

Shade Buddy TM Automotive Sun Visor:

Vent Extender �:

"Kar-Plow TM" Lightweight Snow Plow:

Steering Wheel Desk:

Ball Slide TM Ball Mount for Truck Hitches:

WheelShield tm Rim and Brake Cover:

Multi-Purpose Tool Tray -- "Easy-Go:"

Traffic Light Device with Countdown Mechanism:

Used Motor Oil Draining and Collecting Device:

Top Master Device for Loosening Oil Filters, Opening Jars, etc.

Auto Tray Away: 

Pick-up Truck Bed Extender:

Windshield Clearing and De-icing System:

Waste Water Carrier:

Temperature Comparison Circuit Device for Monitoring Heating and Cooling Systems:

Safety Driving Server:

E-Z Wash Sponge Mitten:


Roadside Message Board:

Cap Lamp:

X-Pel Clear Paint Protection Kit:

X-Pel Clear Headlight Protection Kit:

Blind Spot Side Mirror:

Car Seat Locking Device:

Vehicle Steering Offset Monitor:

Bleeder Valve Assembly:

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