Hardware Show:
INVENTORS: Have your invention represented at the show

Dear Inventor:

At the Housewares Show in Chicago last month, we introduced the products of 6 inventors to manufacturers and DRTV companies. We were able to research the market for these 6 inventors by talking with companies, getting their feedback and making new contacts as potential licensees.


Here are the statistics: The first inventor (in no particular order) received 6 leads; the second inventor received 10 leads; the third inventor received 10 leads; the fourth inventor received 7 leads; the fifth inventor received 17 leads; and the sixth inventor received 8 leads.


In addition, each of the 6 inventor clients also received the following:


If you can�t go to your industry�s trade show yourself, then get someone to represent you there. I will be doing this for 6 more inventor clients at the Hardware Show that runs from May 1 -- 3. The sign up button is below. You'll be glad you did, and I will call you to discuss how best to represent your product and what pictures and description to use for the sell sheet that I will create for you.


Next, please
give me a call at 636-477-8000 and send me a picture and product description to [email protected] so that I can learn about your product. Thanks. 


Best Regards,

Paul Niemann
(636) 477-8000

(800) 337-5758


P.S.    The cost to fly to a trade show obviously varies, but if we use $600 as a round number, then add in the $200 for the cost of a hotel and another $100 for cabs and other miscellaneous expenses, your cost would have been around $900 if you would have gone to the Hardware Show yourself (plus the 3 days that you would have been away from your work or home).


We are able to do it for just $500 each, but we can't represent everybody. Since we are limiting this offer to just 6 inventors, and we're running out of space, be sure to contact us today.

Contact Paul Niemann
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(636) 477-8000
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