"While-You-Sleep" Body Stretcher, with Health Benefits / Vertebrae Relaxation Device available for sale or license:  Patent numbers: Canada 2,582,093; China ZL 2006 2 0148860.0; Taiwan M 314595

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Description of the Product:

The invention of the "WHILE-YOU-SLEEP" BODY STRETCHER reveals a whole new approach to the achievement 
of human body fitness and well-being. The product is a hand-operated body stretcher. It consumes no power and is 
safe to use. It is used with the person lying flat on his or her back, facing upwards. With the ankle hooks engaged 
with the foot carrier, the user needs only to finger-turn the winch knob on the controller to start the pulling 
mechanism of the device and set it aside. The body stretching action of the device persists even when the 
user falls asleep, continuing to achieve a prolonged stretching action which is the basic requirement for 
body stretching effectiveness.
The product is compact, lightweight and totally portable, and is about half the size of 
a regular pillow. It is easy to use, easy to set up and to store.

The design of the invention can be varied to extend to a series of products for different target markets depending on 
their application and usefulness; namely, the body stretcher, the neck stretcher and the cramp reliever. Pictures 
shown refer to a working prototype of the body stretcher.

The structure of the product is simple and sturdy. Feedback from numerous people of different ages and professions 
who tried on the prototype talk positively about its functions and effectiveness. Its volume production cost is estimated 
to be under $25 USD, and its retail price is expected to be around $250 USD. The product is protected by patents 
granted from Canada, China, Taiwan and the U.S.  


Potential Retail Outlets:  

         Fitness equipments stores

         Health and wellness supplies stores

         Drug stores

         Health foods stores

         Elementary and high school physical exercise supplies stores

         Senior people health care supplies stores

         Department stores

         Merchandises chain stores

         Physiotherapy and fitness equipments manufacturers

         International traders

         Mail order catalogers



Uniqueness and Usefulness of the Product:



This product is a device designed for the general public to achieve the following unique benefits that are not available 
from body
stretching products currently existing on market:


1.  It provides the user hours of prolonged physical action essential for body stretching effectiveness without requiring 
power or energy.

2.  It takes the user no time from his or her busy working schedule to get effective body stretching, thus eliminating the 
drawback of
getting impatient to achieve a keep fit goal.

3.  It is compact, lightweight, easy to carry around and store.

4.  It is hand-operated, easy to use, and safe to use.

5.  It is an all-people product and has global market potential.



Product  Users:

Product  Benefits:


* Tall growth stimulation

General adults

** Spine discomfort relief

Elderly people

*** Height shrinkage & back pain prevention

Explanation of the Product Benefits in the above table:

* Tall growth stimulation:  Only prolonged stretching can provide adequate time for nutrients to flow and fill spaces 
created between bones and vertebrae under stretching. This effectively stimulate tall growth for juveniles.

** Spine discomfort relief:  If equal length of stretching as compression is required to remove body fatigue 
experienced by a person on a sedentary job, only in-sleep body stretching is practical to achieve the goal.


*** Height shrinkage and back pain prevention:  Compression from years of body weight acting on an elderly 
person causes body shrinkage and spine ailments. Short-term exercise or treatment cannot reverse the pressure 
accumulated over years while long hours of physiotherapy is not practical nor economical to most people. In-sleep 
body stretching is an ideal solution to this problem.


Investors, manufacturers or licensing partners welcome. Please contact:

Inventor:  Jay Lee
Phone:  (604) 277-3091
E-mail:  [email protected]

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