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Disclaimer for inventors getting an Invention Web Page to list inventions on the Market Launchers web site:

To list an invention on the Market Launchers, Inc. web site, your invention must be patented or patent-pending.

The Invention Database ("The Database") is owned and operated by Market Launchers, Inc. The Database is a service for allowing inventors to list their product(s) in a medium in which they can be viewed by companies capable of negotiating to buy or license the rights to those products. This disclaimer is between Market Launchers, Inc. and the inventor, hereby referred to as INVENTOR.

1.    Market Launchers, Inc. recommends that you only submit a product for inclusion in the Database if you have the proper legal protection for your product(s). It is recommended that you have a non-disclosure agreement signed by any and all companies to whom you disclose your product if a patent has not yet been issued, before disclosing your product to them, in addition to any other legal protection that you may be able to obtain for your product. Until a patent has issued, any disclosure could affect patenting. Consultation with a patent attorney is recommended.

2.    Market Launchers, Inc. is not an invention broker-dealer. Market Launchers, Inc. does not imply nor guarantee that any particular product(s) will be bought or licensed by any company. You should not rely solely on the Database in your efforts to market your product(s).

3.    All INVENTORS are strongly encouraged to seek professional legal counseling before considering listing any product(s) on The Database.

4.    Market Launchers, Inc. does not endorse nor recommend any particular company for INVENTORS to do business with. It is the responsibility of the INVENTORS and their legal council to determine the merit, viability and risk of the companies they consider doing business with.

5.    It is assumed that each INVENTOR will conduct their own investigation of the companies they consider doing business with in order to make an informed decision and to negotiate the terms.

6.    Market Launchers, Inc. reserves the right to reject any products for listing in the Database if in the sole judgment of Market Launchers, Inc. the listing is unsuitable. Market Launchers, Inc. will return the fees paid in the event of a rejection and will have no further responsibility.

7.    Market Launchers, Inc. and a web page listing on The Database do not constitute an undertaking by Market Launchers, Inc. to offer for sale or to solicit an offer to buy or license any products listed on The Database. Any purchase, sale or licensing agreement of products resulting from use of The Database shall be on a negotiated basis between the INVENTOR listing the product and any company he or she considers doing business with, without any participation by Market Launchers, Inc.

8.    Listing a product for inclusion in the Database may affect your foreign / international patent rights. Consultation with a patent attorney is strongly recommended prior to listing a product in the Database.

9.    In the event of a purchase, sale or licensing agreement of products resulting from use of The Database, no additional fees are due to Market Launchers, Inc. The only fee that Market Launchers, Inc. collects from INVENTORS is the fee that is paid at the time of listing his/her invention on the Database.

Terms of Service:

1.    It is understood that the only obligations by Market Launchers, Inc. is to build a web page for the Inventor and to list the Inventors' Product(s) on the Invention Database (The Database) pursuant to this agreement.

2.    INVENTOR agrees to fully indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Market Launchers, Inc., its officers, directors, employees and shareholders from any and all claims of any type arising out of participation in The Database or use of The Database in general.

3.    INVENTOR possesses knowledge and experience in business matters and is capable of evaluating the merits and risks of doing business with prospective companies.


Prior to posting your invention on the Internet, or otherwise making it available to the public, it is the inventor's responsibility to secure adequate patent protection. If you wish to preserve your foreign rights and prevent theft of your creation, file your patent application before you publish details of or sell your creation.

Market Launchers, Inc. does not give legal advice, and is not responsible in the event that an inventor has submitted an invention for inclusion on this web site prior to securing the proper protection.

Market Launchers, Inc. recommends that you seek the expertise of a patent attorney before making your invention public.

If you have any questions about this, call us toll-free at (800) 337-5758 between 8:00 -- 5:00 CST.

Thank you.

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