Perfect Pour Funnel:


Perfect Pour Funnel:

The Problem:
The problem of using a standard funnel to add oil to a vehicle is that it always results in oil spills. This is usually caused by overfilling the crankcase and, once you pour too much oil into the funnel, the only place where it can go is out! Out onto the engine, where it makes a mess. 

The Solution:
The solution is the Perfect Pour Funnel. This funnel is as easy as pulling a trigger. All over the world people use a standard funnel for various reasons and come across the same hassles and messes. Until now. 

The Perfect Pour Funnel has a handle with a trigger that opens up a valve at the spout of the funnel. Below the valve is a gasket that is used to seal the liquid when the trigger is closed. A cable runs through the handle so that when you pull on the trigger, it opens the valve at the spout. There is also a spring towards the bottom of the handle to spring the valve closed once you release the trigger.

The Perfect Pour Funnel will also have both imperial and metric measurements on the side of the funnel so that the person using it could measure the amount of fluid they are using as well as a flexible spout extension for those hard-to-reach areas.

The Benefits:
Imagine the benefits of using this funnel:




The inventor is looking for a licensee

Inventor:  Shawn Shaw
Phone:  (250) 305-1042
  [email protected] 

since October 26, 2006

Here are a few more pictures of the Perfect Pour Funnel: