Grip Glass:

Why Drop, Lose or Forget Your Glasses Again?

GripGlass -- The New & Ultimate Eyeglass Holder

At last! The inevitable problem of losing, dropping or misplacing sunglasses or eyeglasses has finally been solved with GripGlass and this is no joke. This "ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL" eyeglass holder secures glasses in such a manner that it's highly unlikely sunglass or eyeglass users will lose, drop or misplace their eyewear again. A patent was filed October 2000 for this UNIVERSAL and also BODY or CLOTHING SUPPORTED "mass appeal" eyeglass holder invention.

Seeking Only A Serious Potential Licensee That Wants A Future Winner.

GripGlass -- You Want More Information About It?


1)    The first body and/or clothing-supported eyeglass holder
2)    Accomodates eyewear of different sizes and shapes
3)    Prevents loose temple bars from opening on holder
4)    Eliminates using dangling cords around the face
5)    Grips glasses securely like no other holder on the market
6)    Worry-free of dropping eyewear once secured on holder
7)    Convenient, effective and uniquely invented for mass appeal potential
8)    Ideal for those who lose, drop or misplace & forget their eyewear
9)    Can be used with patent # 5,864,924 for product extension possibilities.

GripGlass really works and it was NOT invented with the idea to simply be a better mousetrap BUT rather to be the best one. To learn more now, please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Patent work performed by the Law Offices of Charles J. Prescott, P.A.

For more information, please visit the inventor's main web site at: 

The inventor is looking for a licensee

Inventor:  Luis Rodriguez, 8008 Cascadas Ave., North Port, FL 34287-1636
[email protected]

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