GripGlass -- Why Drop, Lose or Forget Your Glasses Again?

Top 10 Questions & Answers:

1.    Does this holder accommodate every sunglass or eyeglass frame size available out in the optical market?

Yes, because of the simple concept behind the way this "carry-on-self" universal holder accommodates glasses, this is made possible. In fact, even sunglass clip-ons or flip-ups and over-the-glass-frame sunglasses can also take advantage of this holder.

2.    Should packaging of this holder be made so that consumers can't try this unique holder with their own type of glasses?

Absolutely not, this holder will prove itself worthy without any kind of deception to consumers. It was invented with the confident idea to be a long-term seller and not a short-term "Sell-It-Before-Consumers-Find-Out-Its Disadvantages" idea. Let the consumer try it before they buy it.

3.    Why do you refer to this eyeglass holder as being the "ultimate" one that's been invented to date?

Simply because the disadvantages of prior invented eyeglass holders and retainers were combined and persistently addressed to bring this holder to its' greatest extreme of accomplishment and therefore making it very advantageous for any and every sunglass or eyeglass wearer(s).

4.    Will any sunglass or eyeglass frame of different size or shape freely swing loosely once placed and secured on this holder like others out in the market?

No, actually the way glasses are secured on it makes it uniquely different from all other types of sunglass / eyeglass holders. It grips the sunglass / eyeglass (hence the name GripGlass) without any damage to them.

5.    Will this holder have to be sold with glasses or be custom-fitted for different types of sunglass / eyeglass frames?

No, this holder is completely and totally independent from all types of glasses and should be sold as a separate product once manufactured. It does not have to be sold with glasses nor custom-fitted for them in any way, shape or form.

6.    Does this holder prevent loose temple bars from opening while the glasses are on it?

Yes, there is no sunglass / eyeglass holder presently out in the market that prevents loose temple bars from opening. This would be the first one to the best of my knowledge.

7.    Will this holder eliminate using eyeglass retainer cords that dangle on the sides of a person's face while wearing his or her glasses?

Yes, consumers will be able to use their sunglasses or eyeglasses the way they were meant to be used and this means without dangling cords anywhere around the face. This is a BIG plus for those who use or don't like retainers.

8.    Is this holder body-supported or clothing-supported?

Uniquely, this holder is both but I can't disclose the way(s) that it is carried on self, however, I can say that glasses will be easily accessible & always readily available to the user(s) of this unique holder.

9.    Why do you think eyewear users would want this particular holder?

Eyewear users will continue to be faced with the problem(s) of 1) losing 2) dropping or 3) misplacing & forgetting their glasses to their dislike. This unique holder was persistently invented to address and solve these irritable, if not at times expensive, problems. Eyewear users have always wanted solutions to these mentioned problems and I believe they would want a product that has, once and for all, addressed and solved them to the fullest. Note that with GripGlass, these problems solved are a major benefit for any and every sunglass / eyeglass user.

10.    What are some of the advantages to the user of GripGlass?

At the minimum, eyewear users won't have to carry their glasses on their hands nor place them atop their head or hang them loosely on their clothing anymore. They also won't have to use cords that dangle on the sides of their face when they wear their glasses. Additionally, a user of GripGlass will eliminate the expenses of having to replace his or her lost sunglass / eyeglass. Furthermore, they won't have to deal with dropping or misplacing their glasses, at times, over & over again. For the eyewear user, GripGlass will be both a money saver and inconvenience eliminator to the max. Peace of mind will also play a major part with GripGlass, especially for those who continuously lose, drop or misplace their glasses. The fact remains that with GripGlass, consumers won't have to lose, drop or misplace (forget) their glasses anymore, and I mean anymore, once they're secured on this "carry-on-self" universal eyeglass holder which also provides other numerous advantages. I really believe that with all these advantages, GripGlass spells like a future potential winner for any and every sunglass / eyeglass user. I believe in its' effectiveness and future potential. Without a doubt, it will definitely convince even the dubious, no ifs', ands' or buts', period. Serious Licensee Only -- See LICENSEE SECTION.