Vehicle Side Panel Dent Preventer:  U.S. Patent # 5,879,037

The "Vehicle Side Panel Dent Preventer" is a universal, elongated side skirt case system that houses an impact-absorbing pad, which is used to protect a vehicle side panel from dents when positioned in place. The sealed pad incorporates a retracting safety cord that is anchored to case and uses magnetic attraction for bonding to panels. The case mounts to the lower rocker panel of a vehicle and has an opening door, which allows for removal and storage of pad. The system looks like part of a vehicle and case can be painted to match. Seeking licensee or sale. Pictures of prototype available. 

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Inventor is seeking a licensee.
Brochures are available upon request. Thanks!

Inventor:  Rene C. Batiste / Batiste Visual Concepts, P.O. Box 750601, Las Vegas, NV 89136-0601
Phone:  (702) 396-7385; CELL: (702) 682-5992
E-mail: or

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