Additional Information on Koodels™:

Koodels™ is the first moist heat/cooled flow chambered pet pad that will serve multiple purposes. In lay terms it will act as a "heating pad" or "cold pak" for your pet. In novel terms a true "pet pacifier". There will be numerous models available. One will be a single unit, approx. 10/10 in size being sold with an inner pad and an outer design cover. We will also be able to sell this single unit with more than one outer cover, perhaps 2/3 to a unit. The inner pouch if used with regularity should be replaced every 6/8 months.

To summarize but a few of the different marketing concepts with a 10 x 10 unit:


1)    single inner pouch (refills)
2)    single inner pouch /1 outer design cover
3)    single inner pouch/ 2 design covers
4)    2 inner pouches/ 2 design covers

Single units will be perfect for small to medium size dogs and small to medium size cats!! Will also serve for rabbits, snakes and iguanas.

To summarize but a few of the different marketing concepts with a 10x20 unit:


1)    2 inner pouches/ 1 outer design cover
2)    2 inner pouches/ 2 outer design covers
3)    4 inner pouches/ 2 outer design covers
4)    4 inner pouches/ 4 outer design covers

Double units are perfect for medium to large dogs, medium to large cats and also horses.

Single and double units are to be marketed in retail establishments such as but not limited to, chain pet stores, independent pet stores, drug stores, grocery stores, specialty Shoppe’s, catalogs, etc.

On the professional side would be a marketing arm that would sell to Veterinarian Offices, Universities that have Veterinarian Departments, Federal and State Law enforcement agencies that train dogs for investigative work.

CREATING NOVEL DESIGN COVERS: The designs of the outer covers would only be limited by lack of imagination. To mention a few would be to create the 10/10 outer cover in the shape of a mouse (for cats) or a Cat (for dogs). We could also engrave different names on the outer cover to personalize it. Such as the name of the Owners pet or just a cute little saying such as, "My Pacifer" or "Do not Disturb."

10/20 outer covers could be created in the shape of a big bone or a large cat shape plus all of the other personalized ideas. There are many ways to appeal to particular buyers and markets through being novel with the outer design covers.

"Professional" model. This model will have the same inner pouch but the outer cover will made of "paper fabric"(sterile/ disposable) i.e., medical scrub hats, medical shoe covers etc. I am currently researching the insulation material known as Tinsulate™, manufactured by 3M. In my research with Veterinarians, the optimal use would be to have the units stay warm for 2 hours. At present with NO insulation they will stay warm 40/60 minutes depending on how warm the animals comfort zone is.

Listed are some of the marketing/ packaging recommendations for the professional units.


The Professional model will be marketed to Veterinarian Offices, Clinics, and Universities that have Veterinarian Departments and State Humane Societies.

They may also be marketed to "horse tracks" and horse racing enthusiast. After running/racing the cooled units would be a welcome relief for sore muscles.

Also, marketing to state and federal agencies that work with dogs for police investigations. These branches of government have their own dog training schools. The warm moist Koodels™ would be useful for soreness that the dogs experience through their training. The cooled Koodels™ would be perfect for the dogs when they are done with their rigorous training and are overheated.

Here’s a concept for when we really get into a "Design Model" stage:

It’s called the "Koodels™ Coat"!!

Picture this … all the dogs that live in climates that are cold or snowy and just downright miserable weather during parts of the year. A KOODELS™ COAT would fit over the dog like a harness … 2 inner pouches would be needed, one for either side of the coat. The principle function of course is that you warm up the Koodels™ (inner pouch) and then place them inside the Koodels™ Coat. So when your dog/cat has to go outside to do his business he/she stays warm. This would be a real Designer Accessory! Estimated cost around $30/45…

PACKAGING: Is yet another "marketing opportunity" as there may be created several different types of packaging "Koodels"™. The type that I’ve begun researching is of a plastic see through material using "header" inserts to explain and advertise product. Size to model either single unit or double units, with or without design covers. Disposable packaging and also "travel" model that can be reused and taken with Owner for traveling with pet.

NOTE: still in initial research stage of packaging types. Favoring the above noted type. Pricing is varying due to ordering demands.

Additional marketing concepts / slogans include:


March 22, 2002

"Well, our office loved it, the only other thing that we’ve had to use is a hot water bottle that cools and takes the heat out of it and makes the animals shiver." "We’ve also been using one that we freeze for surgeries, mainly castrations. Its very pliable and we can mold it however we need it."

Kendra Ennis -- Vet Tech., VCA Vet Hospital, San Diego, CA

March 24, 2002

"I have two cats and I’ve used it for about a month now and, well I need another one cause they fight over it! Its great! I use it also before I go to work cause the Kitties get anxious because they know I’m leaving, now I just heat it up, put it on the floor and they jump on it and it relieves there anxiety and I can get out of the door. The price that your going to be charging is very reasonable, I know that the singles will sell for $15/$18, I’d buy one in a second. Oh, could I get another one from you so the cats won’t fight over it."

Alicia Norman, Cat Owner from San Diego, CA

March 29, 2002

" I have been using this "Koodels" for about a month now for my dog, Angel. Well, she loves it! I think it’s a great product and I would absolutely buy one for her for $20 or more! It keeps her real content when I’m busy and can’t give her attention." It’s really a neat little product. Now why didn’t I think of it."

Peter Julian, Dog Owner from San Diego, CA

March 29, 2002

"Well look for yourself, the pets love it! I’ve used it in my Pet Store for the last 2 weeks and the little animals just love it! It puts them to sleep so it’s not so noisy in the store, now". The only other thing that we’ve been using is the "Snuggle Safe"™, now that will stay warm for 10/12 hours, but its hard plastic and they can’t lay on it you must put it in something and then they are still not very soft for them. Its also is selling for $29.95. I think the consumers will buy yours because its so soft and pliable and well the price is great!"

Beverly, Owner of Pets Uptown, San Diego, Ca.,

March 29, 2002

"We’ve been using the Koodels™ now for a little over 2 weeks. Now a want you to know that we are part of a major Vet Hospital chain so we have ALL the newest toys. I tested this as a Consumer would use it and I think its just great. It stays warm for a nice long time; the animals love it, especially the small ones and its very pliable. I just know that you have a huge market out there of pet owners that are going to love it! I think the price is very reasonable for the function it performs. I believe that the independent Vet Offices would find many uses for this product. Not a lot of Vet Offices can afford all the toys that we have here."

Amy Bradley, Veterinarian Hospital Administrator for Banfield Pet Hospitals, San Diego, CA

March 30th, 2002

I’ve used Koodels tm for the last couple of weeks and they are wonderful! At last I leave my pets all day and not feel guilty. No more crying from the cats when I leave! I need to get another one from you. I think the price it great! Can I buy one? I will!

Emily Feeney -- Cat enthusiast

April 4th, 2002

" I think it’s a great idea! The Owner wants to meet with you to place some to sell in our store! Can you leave a few on consignments?"

Mary, Assistant Manager for Pet Works, LaMesa, Ca.-

April 5th, 2002

"It’s a great product and I believe they could be used as part of the post-op package that we give to Owners of pets that have come here for surgery". Of course I would need to know how much you would charge me". It’s going to go over big Barbara, I wish you the best"!

Dr. Miguel Espinosa, DVM -- Owner of LaMesa Pet Hospital